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Best Labrador Breeders in West Virginia

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If you want to bring home a healthy Labrador, check out this list of reliable and certified Labrador breeders in West Virginia.

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Last Updated on: Jul 28, 2022

When looking to get a Labrador, it is crucial that you keep an eye out for reliable and ethical breeders who are willing to provide you with all the necessary documentation and credentials.

If you’re searching for Labrador Breeders in West Virginia, here’s a list to get you started.

Child giving a kiss to Labrador dog

Red Barn Ranch and Labradors

For lab puppies in Charleston, WV, look no further than Red Barn Ranch and Labradors.

Red Barn Ranch and Labradors are passionate about raising high-quality Labrador Retrievers with excellent temperaments.

They teach their Labs to herd cows, sheep, and other livestock on their farm.

Red Barn Ranch and Labradors also offer different training programs for both puppies and adult dogs to address various needs.

Website | Facebook | Email | Call Us

Address: 1395 Mount Hammond Lane, Charles Town, WV, 25414

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Keepsake Labs

This is one of the Labrador breeders in West Virginia that breed top-quality Mountaineer English labs. They have been in the business for 25 years and strive to ensure that their dogs not only can be the best companions but can also assist in hunting.

Many of their dogs have won AKC-approved hunting competitions with Junior and Senior Hunting titles.

Keepsake Labs aims to breed healthy labradors that are capable of living a long life full of love and happiness. They offer high-quality purebred labradors for sale and provide puppy care services as well.

With their extensive experience in the breeding world, they have created a strong reputation for themselves.

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Address: 4980 Newark Rd, Elizabeth, WV 26143, United States

two Labradors sitting next to each other

Morgan Labradors

If you’re in search of Lab puppies in Morgantown, WV, Morgan Labradors is the place to go. One of the largest breeders in the US, Morgan Labradors is known for its commitment to customer service and providing high-quality puppies.

Morgan Labradors holds an AKC Breeder of Merit Participation certificate and is a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Labrador Retriever Club and the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac.

They aim to breed English Labradors that are show champions and can compete in conformation, obedience, field, and other aspects of canine assistance.

Morgan Labradors follow a stringent screening process for all queries they receive. They also provide adequate education on raising Labradors and offer ongoing support for any queries a new owner may have.

Website | Facebook | Email | Call Us

Address: West Union, WV

Labrador puppy sitting besides a couch

Brookeridge Labradors

This is one of the finest labradors breeders for those interested in Lab puppies for sale Parkersburg, WV. They are a family-owned business that began its journey in 1985 with their first pup, Sampson.

Since then, they have expanded to producing one to two litters annually, offering all three AKC-recognized Labrador colors.

Brookeridge Labradors breed puppies with good temperaments.

Their pups are tested for genetic disorders and undergo testing eyes through CERF, hip, and elbow conformation. Their hearts get tested using color echograms as well.

Website | Email | Call Us

Address: Brookeridge Labradors Kingwood, WV 26537

Whispering Pines Farm

A family-owned kennel, Whispering Pines Farm has been raising purebred AKC Labrador Retrievers since 1992.

They strive to produce healthy, intelligent, strong, and athletic dogs with great personalities. They raise dogs with impeccable temperaments and health.

Whispering Pines Farm also follows ethical breeding practices and provides personalized care.

Website | Email | Call Us

Address: 1 Keyser, WV 26726

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Labrador puppy

Labradors are gentle, friendly, and comfortable around kids. This makes them a popular family pet. If you’re looking for Lab puppies for sale in Beckley, WV, make sure you do your research. Ask to see health certifications, their lineage, and try to visit in person before you finalize anything.


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