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Laziest Dog Breeds

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So you've been thinking of owning a dog, but you don't have it in you to do too many walks or loads of physical exercise? You just mostly want a cuddle companion who'd lay at your feet while you watch television.

Don't fret. We've got a list of eight lazy dog breeds just for you.

Last Updated on: Mar 02, 2022

So you are looking for a four-legged best friend who would love to watch TV and cuddle with you. That’s possible, but remember that not all dogs are the same.

Some dog breeds are hyperactive, athletic, and love being outdoors. If they do not exercise regularly, they can become restless or aggressive. Others dogs are lazy and love napping, cuddling, and snuggling. These laziest dog breeds need little exercise to stay healthy and happy.

We have made a list of eight lazy dog breeds who would be happy to be couch potato buddies. But do keep in mind that even the most lethargic breeds need some activity for their health and wellbeing.

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Basset Hound

Basset Hound

They have several unique features, including tiny legs, low-hanging ears, and droopy eyes. These dogs get along well with children and other animals. They are well-known for their sharp sniffing and ability to trace scents. If they detect a scent, they will most certainly pursue it.

However, their long, plump torso and almost comically small legs make long-distance running or walking impossible. They also have limited stamina, which makes them prone to snoozing. Eternally loyal and always up for chilling at home, the Basset Hound is perfect for anybody who likes lazy dogs.


They are really affectionate around kids and make excellent family pets, despite their trademark grumpy grimaces. Bulldogs are not known for being active and running around since they get sweaty and exhausted easily. They prefer to spend their time indoors. Their seeming lethargy can be ascribed to their bulky build and respiratory problems.

Bulldogs spend around 90% of their day sleeping.

Bulldogs are, indeed, one of the laziest dog breeds. They love sleeping, but don’t let their lethargy rub off on you. They can easily gain weight, putting their stout bodies at risk. All dogs, even the laziest ones, need exercise to be healthy and happy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavs are cheerful, clever dogs who get along well with everybody. This breed enjoys nothing more than spending time with their parents and showering them with love. They do not mind lazing around and being pampered all the time. Their stamina only allows brief strolls around the house, dropping onto your lap to rest.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel appears frequently in pictures of British royalty, notably King Charles II. He came up with the name for this adorable dog breed. Cavs are adaptive and typically adopt their parents’ personalities. If you are a couch potato who enjoys afternoon naps, this dog will gladly join you.

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an image of a pug on the couch


They are playful and entertaining, and they know how to have a good time without spending too much energy. Pugs are wonderful house pets and get along well with strangers and other pets. The pug, like the bulldog, is a brachycephalic dog breed with a flat face that limits its lung function and, hence, its ability to exercise.

Pugs weigh only about 15 pounds and are ideal for people who live in apartments. Pugs are not the best breed for those who spend a lot of time away from home. They are sensitive dogs and susceptible to respiratory issues. They are the happiest while running around indoors. But bear in mind, Pugs are prone to obesity, so take precautions.

Chow chow is sleeping

Chow Chow

They can usually be seen resting on the sofa and playing indoors. Chow chows are not a hyperactive breed; therefore, despite weighing 70 pounds on average, they just need short daily walks. Because of their stiff hind legs and very thick coat, this dog breed can struggle with mobility.

The Chow Chow is widely known for its distinctive blue-black tongue.

Chow Chows are faithful and attached to their families while being somewhat difficult and skeptical of outsiders. Their reserved and quiet demeanor often brings about comparisons to cats. Motivation and interaction during puppyhood will aid in the development of positive characteristics as your fluffy companion grows older.

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Bullmastiff lying on the floor


Despite common opinion, these massive canines are naturally quiet and peaceful. Bullmastiffs dislike hot, humid weather and prefer shade and cool indoors. With their bulky build and penchant to spend the day napping close to their parents, Bullmastiffs are more than just couch potatoes; they are couch hogs.

Bullmastiffs are the epitome of “gentle giants.” For their cuddle session, they prefer the company of their folks. They are very low-maintenance and need little upkeep. They do not need a lot of exercise; all they want is a couch to snuggle up on. These dogs may be a little sluggish, but they are fearless and devoted to their families.

Great Dane

Great Dane

This breed is an “active couch potato,” growing as tall as 30 inches and weighing up to 170 lbs.

The Great Dane is a hefty beast, but don’t let their build fool you; all they do is nap.

They will need to exercise their long legs regularly, but they will be just as happy to nap at your feet when they are done.

Except for their adolescent years, which are full of exuberant bursts of energy, an adult Great Dane only requires short daily walks. They love to get cozy and relax to the max. Unlike some other bigger dogs, Great Danes are very friendly and gentle with little children.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard are most renowned for their heroic rescues, although these days, you are more likely to see them in the suburbs than the Swiss Alps. They are sometimes referred to as “nanny dogs” because they will forgo the opportunity to play to spend time with their families and pull children in a cart. Saint Bernard are excellent watchdogs who will guard your house when you are away. Their stature and bark will keep any undesirable intruders at bay.

Saint Bernards only need moderate exercise, maybe a half-hour walk once a day. They have an innate sense of calm and patience. They must be groomed and trained at a young age to avoid misbehavior. Saint Bernards love sleeping and lazing around, earning them a spot on our list of laziest dog breeds.

dog sleeping on the couch

If you believe that the laziest dog breeds laze around or sleep all day, you are wrong. Even the most lethargic dog will need regular walks and playtime outside. They just have a laid-back attitude and a more sedentary lifestyle compared to active dog breeds.

No matter what breed of dog you’re going for, encourage your dog to exercise for their overall health and well-being.


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