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7 Most Active Dog Breeds

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Looking for a four-legged companion who can keep up with your busy and active lifestyle? We've listed the seven most active dog breeds including the Labrador, Poodle, and Border Collie.

Last Updated on: Mar 16, 2022

The most active dog breeds require a great deal of fun and exercise. These athletic dogs flourish in homes with spacious backyards for them to play around, as well as with people who like going on daily walks or runs. They have tons of energy and are ideal for somebody who wants a workout buddy.

A great reason to get an active dog is for your health and well-being. According to studies, people who own dogs are 54% more likely to get the required amount of physical activity per week. Here are a few of them.

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An active labrador retriever on a playground

Labrador Retriever

The charming and affectionate Lab Retriever is the most loved dog breed in the United States. They are lively, extroverted, and energetic pets. They like being outside, swimming, and playing fetch.

The Labrador Retriever is an excellent companion for an active person.

They were bred as labor dogs, originally helping fishermen. Now, they perform equally well as security, rescue, and surveillance animals. Labs are eager to please and grasp stuff easily. They also require cerebral stimulation, which is why they make great guide dogs and top-tier competitors in field experiments and dog shows.

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Russell Terrier

Known as the epitome of active dog breeds. They have cheerful, vivacious personalities. They were bred as hunting dogs. That is why, they are sharp, have lots of energy, and are healthiest when they are both physically and mentally engaged.

They tend to have an endless amount of energy and work best with lively, athletic people.

These adorable dogs are not lethargic lap dogs. In other words, they may direct their energy into unpleasant habits if not trained and exercised regularly. Therefore, give them long daily runs and outdoor playtime because these are excellent outlets for their enthusiasm. Russell terriers also excel at acrobatics and flyball.

An image of a siberian husky running

Siberian Husky

They are known for their gorgeous eyes and wolf-like characteristics. They also have boundless energy and are ideal for adventurous dog lovers who live in colder areas. These canines, which were bred as sled dogs, have remarkable stamina and enjoy running. They were bred to drag sleds for long distances, so they require a lot of physical activity.

They require at least an hour or two of vigorous exercise daily, which means that a few rounds of fetch in the yard will not suffice.

Other engaging activities for a husky include dog sledding, bikejoring, learning new skills, and running races with other dogs. However, just be cautious not to overheat them as they have thick coats.

An image of 2 active dogs playing in snow


A very lively and active canines renowned for their poof-ball hairstyles are the Poodles. Since they are incredibly talented and learn easily, their body and mind must be engaged to keep anxiety at bay. Poodles love all forms of exercise, such as walking, jogging, and swimming.

Don’t be fooled by their primped and wavy coats; Poodles are very athletic canines.

Poodles spend an average of 70 minutes each day being physically active.

The key feature that distinguishes this breed from the others on our list is its low-allergen fur. With that being said, it indicates that they do not shed much and are a viable choice for allergic people.

german shepherd running

German Shepherd

They are known to be bold, fearless, and loyal canines with razor-sharp intellect. Shepherds were originally bred as herding dogs, although they are more commonly employed with police and military K-9s. German Shepherds need a great deal of both muscular and cerebral exercise due to their blend of strength and intelligence.

They commonly rank #1 among the most active dog breeds.

They are perfect for energetic folks who enjoy spending time outside, hiking, and spending valuable one-on-one time with their pets. That is to say, they don’t get exhausted easily. The breed’s robust athletic build allows them to run swiftly for long distances on a variety of terrains. Agility training is a great method to keep them engaged.

A image of an active dog trying to catch Frisbee

Border Collie

These gorgeous dogs are not only famous for their stunning looks but are also regarded as one of the most hyperactive breeds. In addition, they require strenuous exercise—moderate walks around the house won’t do. They also need lots of space to run around. Bred to herd cattle, this dog breed can withstand running in circles all day long.

Border collies are lively, agile, and extremely clever. They also adore doggie sports and thrive in agility training, flyball, and retrieving. This is why, they need at least an hour of exercise daily, as well as lots of mental engagement. This type of dog is perfect for people who enjoy spending their leisure time outdoors.

A Dalmatian walking on water.


They are famous for their stamina, agility, and intellect. These spotted dogs are one of the strongest dog breeds. They were bred to be employed as guardians on long trips in horse-drawn carriages. Naturally, these hyperactive canines are exceptional runners. To clarify, they are workaholics. Although they might grow agitated if they are left to laze around and may exhibit undesirable behaviors without the required activity.

Dalmatians enjoy off-leash hikes in the woods and will happily trot beside you when you run or ride your bike.

They are extremely athletic so agility training can help them grow stronger. In addition, Dalmatians do not get tired easily, which is why intellectual stimulation is essential. Lastly, consider using interactive puzzles, toys, and sniffing activities to discover hidden treats.

A poodle running towards the ball

Dogs reduce stress and teach their humans responsibility. However, before adopting the most active dog breeds, thoroughly examine your daily lifestyle. That means you must make ample time for your dog and establish an active atmosphere to fulfill their needs.

Energetic dog breeds do not prefer a relaxing weekend on the couch watching TV. When they do not get adequate stimulation, they can develop destructive behavior and find another way to vent their energy. Although caring for these creatures will be a lifelong endeavor, the affection and happiness you will receive in return will be worthwhile.


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