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Dog Breeds Which Are Difficult To Train

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Dogs are generally easy to train. While some breeds might give you a tough time, proper training can help address nearly any problem. However, there are some dog breeds that are difficult to train such as Chihuahua, Siberian Husky, Basset Hound, and American Pit Bull Terrier. Keep reading to learn more about these dogs.

Last Updated on: Jun 29, 2022

Bringing a dog home can be a thrilling experience. The addition of a furry friend into your family can not only boost your dopamine but make your life exciting. But there are often so many factors to take into account. Should you adopt or buy? Which dog breed should you get? Is that breed easy to train? How do you take proper care of them?

All these questions flood first-time dog owners. Every dog is generally loving and playful, but some stubborn dogs might give you a tough time. To help you choose the right dog for yourself, take a look at this list of some of the most stubborn and difficult-to-train dogs.

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American Pitbull

American Pit Bull Terrier

A breed that is unfortunately known to be an aggressive dog, the American Pit bull Terrier were originally bred for as fighting dogs. Their strong jaws and muscles can also give them an intimidating appearance.

They are also prone to picking fights with other animals and are tough to control once provoked. This breed is not for someone who cannot spend enough time training and disciplining them.

However, proper training and socialization can help the breed overcome its stubbornness. American Pit Bull Terriers that are properly trained can be very loyal and obedient pets.


Siberian Husky

The perfect blend of intelligence and energy, Huskies are a grey-blue-eyed breed that is known for its stunning looks. Huskies were meant to pull sleds and survive harsh winters. It is difficult for this breed to sit in one place or be idle. Not only do they need discipline training but they also need to be taught how to control their independence.

Therefore, regular training and exercise are essential for disciplining a Siberian Husky.

chihuahua puppy


One of the most stubborn breeds of dogs, chihuahuas can give a tough time when it comes to training them.

Despite their small size, chihuahuas are extremely energetic. They are also aggressive and prone to biting if they feel threatened. Due to their fragile body, they often see the bigger animals as a threat and hardly get along with other animals. So training them is not an easy job.

Chinese shar pie

Chinese Shar-Pei

Regal in looks, this is a smart breed that can be very reserved. Also called the Chinese Fighting Dog, shar-pie  was employed to hunt, guard, and herd.

It is an aggressive and dominating breed, which makes it hard to control them. They do not submit easily, so training them takes a lot of time and patience.

However, once trained, they prove to be the perfect guard dogs and family dogs.

Afghan hound dogs

Afghan Hound

They are strong-willed and have hunter origins. This breed also highly values its freedom and is quite stubborn, which is one of the key reasons they are difficult to train. They are very sensitive to any stern or aggressive behavior.

The best way to train them is with patience, coaxing, and being gentle.

miniature pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

Infamous for being headstrong and demanding, this breed is also hard to train. They can be very active, strong-willed, and impulsive, making them hard to control.

Pinschers are also dominant with smaller animals, so it is advisable to keep them leashed when outdoors. They are also skilled house escapers. We can blame their inquisitive attitude for this trait.

Only an experienced trainer will be able to handle a Miniature Pinscher.

Basset Hound running

Basset Hound

With a long history of being hunting dogs, Basset Hounds are notoriously stubborn. They might come across as aloof and stubborn at times because of their constant urge for human approval. This breed tends to follow their nose and can get easily distracted.

Housebreaking a Basset Hound is also known to be very difficult. But they do make loving, faithful companions if trained properly.



This breed will keep you on your toes when it comes to training them. They are a highly energetic breed, which makes it very difficult to control them. As they were bred to hunt, Beagles also get easily distracted by scent. Training a Beagle requires immense patience and time.

But they are eager to please and, with time, can make fantastic companions.



Well-known for their high intelligence, obedience, and loyalty, Rottweilers are surprisingly frustrating to train. They are very stubborn and do not submit easily. Rottweilers are also very loyal to their owners and might lash out and even attack immediately if they suspect someone. So, proper socialization and training are crucial with Rottweilers.

chow chow dog

Chow Chow

They’re one of the cutest dog breeds you’ll ever come across. Chow Chow look like massive furballs and are quite adorable.

However, they are a dignified breed and do not appreciate any harsh behavior, often responding with aggression.

Chow Chows are also extremely lazy and famous for being low-energy dogs. Socialization from an early age is necessary with this breed.



Usually very affectionate and protective of their family, a Basenji will always demand attention.

Their independent nature and hunting genes also make them very stubborn. This breed does not intend to please you if it does not want to. Harsh training is not a good idea for a Basenji as it can react with aggression. The key is to use positive reinforcement and be consistent with their training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Anything like an “untrainable” Dog?

No. With the right techniques, every type of dog with a healthy mind and a fit body can be trained. If you are facing difficulties training your dog, give it some time. All dogs learn at their own pace. Some dogs adapt to new habits early, and some late.

Which Dog Breed Is Hardest to Train?

While there are several dog breeds that can be quite stubborn, Basset Hounds, Siberian Huskies, and Beagles are known to be among the hardest dog breeds to train.

What Is the Hardest Dog Breed to Raise?

Stubborn dogs like Siberian Huskies and Rottweilers can be very tricky to raise and train. New pet owners are particularly advised to not adopt a breed like Rottweiler as these dogs can grow quite large and need constant supervision.

What Is the Right Age to Begin Dog Training?

The ideal age to begin your puppy’s training is 7-8 weeks. Start with simple commands like “sit” and “stand” and then move on to other tricks.

Siberian huskies

While some dogs may take time to learn, being easily trainable or not does not qualify your dog as a good or bad one. Some dogs just need a little extra effort. As a dog parent, you need to ensure that you seek the right help and do not give up on your pet. Remember, consistency and patience are key to training any dog.

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