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World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds


Dogs make great companions. They’re fun, funny, sweet, and loyal. Depending on the dog breed you’ve taken a liking to, they can also be expensive. Read on to know the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

While some purebred dogs are reasonably priced, pedigrees can also cost you a pretty penny or roomfuls of pennies. Have you ever wondered what the most expensive dog breeds are? Well, wonder no more because this list is here to satisfy your curiosity and surprise you with the dollar amounts mentioned.

We share with you eight of the most expensive breeds around the world and the prices they fetch. Hold on to your wallets because here we go.

An imagdog standing on the stairs

Dogo Argentino

Estimated Price: $8,000

Muscling its way to the top of our list is the Dogo Argentino. This dog was traditionally bred for hunting big game like wild boars. With its lean, muscular body and thick chest, you can easily see why.

Dogo Argentino is also called the Argentinian mastiff. Owning a dog from this breed means that you have a fierce hunter coupled with the reliable temperament of a protector.

This breed is often used for law enforcement, police work, military duties as well as search and rescue operations. Some are also trained as service dogs.

a dog standing on the grass

Canadian Eskimo Dog

Estimated Price: $8,750

The Canadian Eskimo dog is a native dog breed in Canada. It is one of the oldest working dogs that have a reputation for enduring the frigid temperatures of the Arctic.

Also known as the qimmiq (Inuit for dog) and the Exquimaux Husky (French word for Eskimo), the Canadian Eskimo dog is known for its endurance, strength, and intelligence.

They have a wolf-like appearance and males generally feature longer hair around their necks that resemble a lion’s mane.

Rottweiler looking at the owner


Estimated Price: $9,000

Rotties are one of the earliest police dogs. They were traditionally used to herd cattle to the markets of Germany. And were also used for pulling carts of butchered meat.

Today, most Rottweilers have retired from working on farms and have transitioned into family dogs. Although many remain skeptical and hold the opinion that Rottweilers are vicious and unpredictable, they are loving, intelligent, and loyal family companions.

They interact well with families and kids and display wait-and-see behavior when faced with new situations.

an image of Azawakh running


Estimated Price: $9,500

The West African Azawakh is not common in the US. It is recognized by its slender body and deep almond eyes. This dog’s stature exudes an extraordinary presence and poise. 

Azawakhs are sighthounds. You can expect them to chase anything and everything that moves.

This breed needs the skills of an experienced dog parent who can be firm and in control at all times.

Additionally, you’ll need to give them at least half an hour of exercise each day and a sweater when it’s cold out due to their short fur and minimal body fat.

If you have kids at home, you may want to skip the Azawakh because it is not the friendliest breed for children. 

dog standing near the shore

Tibetan Mastiff

Estimated Price: $10,000

This gentle giant hails from Tibet and is part of the mastiff family.

Initially bred to protect sheep from wolves and bears, their intimidating size can make predators think twice. From the shoulder, they can stand at over two feet tall and can easily weigh well over a hundred pounds. 

Aside from helping on farms, these gentle giants were also used as guardians by nomads. Naturally, they make great outdoor dogs.

If you want your own Tibetan mastiff, you’ll need a lot of extra resources from finances to space, maintenance, and muscle power to control this rambunctious, courageous, and independent breed.

An image of chow chow sitting in a park

Chow Chow

Estimated Price: $11,000

Chow Chows are one of the most coveted dogs globally because of their lion-like or teddy bear-like appearance. It is one of the ancient breeds in China with a uniquely colored blue-black tongue. 

Surprisingly, Chow Chows have a lot of cat-like characteristics. They are fastidious, aloof, and highly independent.

Unlike other dogs who are always eager to please their humans, Chow Chows are all about refinement and dignity.

Also, unlike the Samoyed who is always smiling, Chow Chows look like they have a permanent scowl on their faces. However, this still doesn’t reduce its overall adorable physical appearance.

an image of dog sitting on the couch


Estimated Price: $12,000

The Löwchen belongs to the toy dog group and is considered one of the scarcest breeds in the world. This is the reason for its jaw-dropping price tag.

Often called “little lions,” this companion dog performs wonderfully in agility and obedience competitions. This breed is highly trainable and enjoys learning. With their playful and affectionate natures, Löwchens can adapt to any family setting.

They love being with children and are happiest when poking their noses in the activities of their humans.

Samoyed standing at the beach


Estimated Price: $14,000

At last, we’ve come to the world’s most expensive dog — the beautiful white Samoyed from Siberia.

This magnificent dog is a herding dog. It’s an intelligent and sociable breed, not to mention one of the fluffiest dogs around. They are also often referred to as “smiling Sammies” because they always seem to have amused and happy expressions.

Beneath the thick white fur and smiling faces, these dogs have massive personalities. They are incredibly loyal and task-oriented. 

Like the Löwchen, part of the reason that Samoyeds are so highly prized is because of their rarity.

image of a dog sitting near the pool

If you have at least $8,000 to spare, you can take one of the world’s most expensive dog breeds home. The expenses don’t end there though. You will still need to pay for their upkeep which isn’t cheap considering the special maintenance and physical requirements that some of these dogs have.

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