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Most Famous Dogs in the World


Some dogs have literally become famous dogs in the world in the fields of movies, science, police and military, and social media. A lot of these dogs are known and celebrated for their heartwarming, entertaining, and admirable traits that have won them ‘fans’ around the world. And the best thing about these canine celebs? Their fame doesn’t get to their head and they keep their four legs on the ground. 

From the Hollywood ‘pup culture’ characters to the decorated service canines at work, here’s a list of the most famous dogs in the world.

The statue of Hachiko in Tokyo, Japan
Photo Credit: PATCHAYA BURANCHANTRA / Shutterstock.com

Famous Fur Babies in Movies

From the iconic Hachiko to the Alaska hero Togo, true dog stories have become some of the most touching and inspiring movies in film history. Others have gone on to dog heaven while some are still living with their owners.

Many fictional dog characters in movies and cartoon series have also become part of the global pop culture. Charles Schulze gave us the world’s famous anthropomorphic beagle Snoopy, a well-loved character in the comic strip Peanuts. 

Sometimes, they come in packs and take Hollywood by storm like the 101 Dalmatians.

Check out the most famous dogs in the movies, and get to know more about their rise to fame.

A dog sitting peacefully in a gallery

Dogs Written in History

Many have had movies made about them. Some are hometown heroes with the most amazing story of bravery and resilience. Yet others have contributed greatly to humanity through their service. 

Dogs may leave the world when their time comes, but history keeps their legacy and memory passed on for generations.

The amazing thing about these pups is the impact their short existence has made on the lives of those they’ve touched, amused, and taught in ways only dogs can.

Find out who made it to the elite list of the most famous dogs in history.

Two dogs sitting together near a lake

Popular Dog Breeds

Dog lovers have different personalities and preferences. The common thing they have is that they get drawn to a breed that best fits them as pet owners. People often choose ones that are compatible with them given their lifestyle and personal traits. 

Dog qualities generally differ based on their breed. Choose a breed that is attuned to you to help nurture a mutually satisfying and harmonious relationship as pet and owner.

Find out the most famous dog breeds in this article which breed can be perfect for you.  

A Pomeranian running in a garden

Instagram’s Most Followed Dogs

Dogs can be too cute and talented they’re worthy of their own social media page. A lot of pups have gained a big following as their owners snap and post their cute photos online. Getting hearts and comments from followers like a true blue social media influencer!


Get to know the most famous dogs on Instagram. Endear yourself with their gallery of cool photos and stories. They are some of the most photogenic pups you’ll ever see. Don’t forget to follow and turn on the notifications!

A golden retriever puppy walking in the snow

Most Famous Dogs on YouTube

Youtube is a treasure trove for all things dog awesomeness. Many dog owners share their pup’s adventures, hilarious acts and tricks, and just about anything captured on video worth sharing in Youtubeland.

Many dogs actually enjoy performing before an audience and so they make great content for Youtube vloggers. Check out the most famous dogs on YouTube. You might just get hooked.

A dog wearing a stethoscope

Woofing World-Changers  

These are the dogs that have aided scientists in the fields of medicine, research, space science, archaeology, zoology, and more. They have contributed to world-changing discoveries that have revolutionized science from healthcare to modern technology. Don’t forget to read about the most famous dogs in science.

A police dog sitting in a park

Service Dogs and Their Heroics 

Not all heroes have capes, some have furs and tails. Get to know these famous service dogs who have served alongside the police and the military in solving crimes, averting attacks, and rescuing victims.

From bomb-sniffing canines to trail trackers, these awesome dogs combine their brain and brawn in serving the society. And they all deserve a snappy salute!

In any field or corner of the world, you will find a dog making people’s lives easier, happier, and safer. Loyally serving with untiring dedication, the most famous dogs in the world deserve not only recognition but also love that drives us to treat animals with respect, dignity, and care.

Many dogs may not be on these lists, but they all deserve the best treatment nonetheless. After all, a caring relationship with humans is all they really want, celebrity status or not.

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