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Most Intelligent Dog Breeds: Smartest among all?

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Dogs are intelligent, hardworking animals. They are sensitive to emotions, respond to human authority, and are trained to handle emergencies. Read our list of the most intelligent dogs if you'd like to nurture the smartest dog in the neighborhood.

Last Updated on: May 09, 2022

As it turns out, dogs are remarkably intelligent creatures. How else are they able to respond to human commands, recognize individuals by scent, and understand body language? The greatest potential in a dog can be brought out by a human willing to train them to respond to tasks and carry them out correctly.

There are two aspects of adaptive intelligence—problem-solving and social-learning skills. Working and obedience intelligence refers to the dog’s capacity to learn and obey human commands.

Our list of the most intelligent dog breeds lists the brightest dogs in terms of working and adaptive intelligence.

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Border Collie

Border Collie

This breed tops the list of the most intelligent dog breeds. They were raised to herd cattle in the past and are, therefore, predisposed to herding instincts with children and cats.

Their work rate is second to none, as they have an outstanding reputation for completing jobs. They can be readily trained to assist in rescue operations and acting performances. They are lovable, athletic, and energetic.

The smartest dog in the world is a border collie named Chaser. Chaser was a language prodigy who learned over 1,000 proper nouns and could identify adjectives such as “faster” and “slower”.



The poodle is a dog that stands as a worthy competitor, second to the Border Collie, but what do poodles have to offer? Poodles are hardworking and trainable dogs with a history of serving as gundogs in battle.

They have outstanding retrieval and hunting skills. They are very obedient to trainers and perform well in dog sports such as dock diving, dog surfing, and swimming, given their attraction to water.

German Shepherd with rocks on background

German Shepherd

This fearful and intelligent dog has been trained to assist military personnel, rescue and search operations, as well as therapeutic and medical activities. It is because of the dutiful yet aggressive dispositions that they carry such enormous obligations.

Do you know who gives their intelligence credibility? The answer is Rin Tin Tin. Rin Tin Tin was a renowned German Shepherd and movie star. An American soldier from a World War I battlefield rescued and nurtured him.

Golden retriever at the beach

Golden Retriever

This beloved golden pet has a rich hunting history. They’re sociable and free-spirited, but most importantly, they’re extremely intelligent. They are easy to train and follow instructions. They’re devoted, goal-oriented canines who will work until they’re exhausted. They enjoy learning new skills and want to impress their masters.

Being one of the most intelligent dogs, hunters employ Golden Retrievers for retrieval. Security forces employ them for tracking and sniffing out drugs by law enforcement. They’re also used in the medical field as therapy and service dogs.

Doberman sitting

Doberman Pinscher

They are highly rated dogs that are recognized for being abstract thinkers. They’re easy to train and have exceptional problem-solving and communication skills.

These ferocious dogs were bred for combat, warfare, and security services such as the police force, as well as becoming guardians.

Shetland Sheepdog sitting on grass

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is a skilled herder who is also extremely nimble and obedient. They conduct livestock from one location to another with authority, thanks to their agility and stamina. They are also good as therapy dogs since they have a soft side and comforting disposition, especially for children.

These dogs are so easy to train that it takes less than 5 repetitions of commands for them to learn and carry out orders.

Shetland Sheepdogs also have a reputation for excelling at herding trials.

Chocolate lab

Labrador Retriever

This breed is not only one of the most well-known and popular dogs in the world, but it is also one of the most intelligent. They are incredibly versatile and are deployed in therapy to assist the blind and disabled, the police force, military forces, rescue operations, and contraband detection.

Originated in Canada’s Newfoundland, Labrador Retriever. They are loyal and obedient, which is why they are so popular in working environments. Moreover, they are gentle and rarely misbehave. Most importantly, they are often easy to train and will accept orders without tantrums or disobedience.

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Papillon in bed


Papillons are tiny and charming creatures that provide more than just a cuddly appeal. They are toy dogs with high intelligence but reserved demeanor. Despite their small stature, they are athletic and enjoy learning new skills.

Papillon dogs are named after the French word for “butterfly” because of their butterfly-like ears.

They respond well to instruction and excel at big competitive agility contests.

2 Rottweiler at the beach


They have a poor reputation for being violent, but they make up for it with their confident and intelligent nature. Only a few owners are wary of this dog. On the other hand, many people have attested that they are extremely devoted and territorial. These traits make them highly vigilant and quick to detect suspicious behavior.

Rottweilers are industrious and ideal for owners who want a strong and protective dog. In addition, they are very sensitive to environmental changes and have hereditary herding and guarding instincts.

When it comes to trainability, these dogs are indispensable. They respond well to training, and instructions, and are quite adaptable. Also, they were once employed as messengers before technology made communication easier. They are, however, still useful, as you can see them working for the police and other security agencies.

Golden retriever sitting

You can’t go wrong with these breeds if you want a clever, self-sufficient, and helpful pet.

The most intelligent dog breeds are invaluable assets that provide warmth and friendship to your life. That means, with proper training, you can rely on them to assist you with chores, on the farm, and even to read your emotions and elevate your mood when you need it the most.

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