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These Wooly And Winsome Wonders Have Ways Only Poodle Parents Will Understand

At A Glance

Poodles are believed to have originated in Germany, but it was in France that they gained immense popularity. They are known for their elaborate coats and friendly personalities. But there’s more to this good-looking, people-pleasing breed than meets the eye.

  • They are considered highly intelligent and easily trainable.
  • They are natural clowns with a terrific sense of humor.
  • Don’t go by their size. This breed can take on any task you put it to.
  • The breed comes in four variations — Standard Poodle, Medium Poodle (not universally recognized), Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle.

Last Updated on: Oct 01, 2022

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With their quirky coiffure hair, fun personality, regal bearing, and versatile talents, you wouldn’t be wrong to consider them showstoppers. We’re talking about poodles, one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

These A-list dogs are celebrities in their own right. People naturally get drawn to their charm and yes, there’s a National Poodle Day to boot!

But what’s so unique about a poodle?

Apparently, a lot! Poodle owners will agree their pets are a special breed with distinct character traits. Read on to know what they are.

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Pedigree And History

Poodles are among the oldest dog breeds in the world, with ancient Roman and Egyptian artifacts featuring poodle-like dogs in illustrations and statues. Their origin is debatable, though. Many believe they are a product of the European cross breeds of water dogs, while others think they’ve Asian herding dog roots.

Originally bred for hunting waterfowl like ducks, geese, and aquatic birds, they are now popular pets, known for their charming looks, intelligence, and loud personalities.

The Perfect Beach Buddy

Since the poodles were originally bred as water retrievers to help hunters, their proclivity to water bodies is not surprising. They are in their element when out on a beach holiday, so they’re the perfect companions for that trip to the beach, lake, or river – anywhere they can swim and splash around.

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It’s Hair, Not Fur!

A Poodle’s coat is not considered fur but hair. Wondering why?

Fur grows to a certain length and then sheds off. However, a poodle’s hair just keeps growing, thus requiring regular trims and grooming sessions.

And very much like human hair, a poodle’s hair is also affected by hormones.

So, don’t be surprised if you see a spurt of hair thinning or hair loss in your female poodle after it has given birth.

The Poodle ‘Do

That distinct hairdo they sport while strutting down dog show runways has become their calling card. Every poodle owner knows their pet’s hair needs a lot of tender, loving care. And plenty of grooming, too, for your poodle to carry off that haute couture look with aplomb.

The most common poodle haircut is the Kennel cut that creates the unmistakable poodle topknot on the head and the poofy tail and feet.

Some poodle owners copy their pup’s hairstyle, like Hayley, who bleached and styled her hair to match her pet Roger’s luscious locks.

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Don’t Let Their Looks Deceive You

These fuzzy-looking, charming dogs are actually a hunting breed. They are gracious yet gritty and equal parts brain, beauty, and brawn! When it comes to their hunting prowess, they are comparable to the likes of Labradors and other hardy dog breeds.

Cheer Them For Paw-sitive Behavior

Positive reinforcement for good behavior is an effective training technique for poodles. They love those pats on the back, those little treats, and affectionate hugs from their humans. Poodles are highly intelligent and easily trainable.

Combine their training with a positive learning atmosphere, and you can expect them to do impressive things!

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Poodle Diet Got You Confounded? Make it Gourmet-ish!

Many poodle parents struggle with their pets’ picky eating habits, But the trick lies in the taste and quality of food. Meet both, and you’ve got a very happy poodle who won’t give you much trouble at mealtime.

Like any canine, poodles need a healthy dose of protein, like chicken, fish, pork, beef, and lamb. Add low-sodium meat broth to their kibble to switch up the flavor and warm their food before serving to make it more tempting.

Too Hot, Too Cold…These Picky Eaters Need Oodles of Patience

Do not overfeed them. Poodles will only eat when hungry or drawn to the food’s enticing flavor and aroma, So avoid stuffing their bowl with random treats.

Also, avoid giving them many choices since it could confuse their taste buds. Stick to what they like and establish a routine to manage their eating habits.

Congenial, Charismatic Canines

They are sociable and love being petted, so they easily warm up to strangers and other dogs. But they’ll also bark to alert you to strange noises or visitors. When it comes to traits, they tick all the right boxes: affectionate, protective, adaptable, and fun-loving.

Their perky personality and photogenic looks make these curly canines a beloved breed.

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They Are The Dog World’s Best Pranksters

Poodles are witty and goofy! Teacher Mary Shelly shares, “Do you mind that they’ll regularly pull fast ones and practical jokes at your expense? No amount of training will stop their wit.

They are so clever they can out-trick you like a pro. If you have a funny poodle whose mischief drives you nuts, expect a regular dose of meme-worthy antics. They are natural comedians and can easily have you eating out of their paws. Poodle owner Peppersb confirms this and shares, “He goes to the back door and barks. I get up to let him out. But does he want out??? NOOOOOOOOO. He wants a greenie. He runs from the back door over to the pantry closet where I keep the greenies and stares longingly. The barking at the back door was just a ploy to get me up. Such a funny boy. Of course, he gets what he wanted. He always does. He trots off to his dog bed to enjoy his prize, very pleased with himself.”

Former Target STL Lance Nyce quips, “Poodles have spent countless hours training their humans to be loyal, attentive servants. They get fed what they want, how they want, and down to the second, when they want.”

Is That A Poodle… Or A Cat?

Poodles sometimes exhibit cat-like behaviors. If you have a feline in the house, chances are, your poodle may have picked up some of its lounging behavior. Poodles and cats are both fluffy, affectionate, and cuddly. There are even cats with curly fur that look like poodles.

They Think The World Is One Huge Playground, And School

Poodles are a ball of energy, always in the mood for fun and games. They’ll never say no to a game of fetch. They also seem to enjoy learning new things. Laney College Teacher Ann Agar of Oakland, California, agrees, “They are one of the smartest breeds. Do you have time and energy for a dog that craves attention and bores easily? A poodle doesn’t want to lie around and sleep all day. It wants to be up and about, doing things, learning things, going out for walks.”

A poodle’s zest for life will inspire you to live to the fullest!

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Curious Questions About Poodles

We listed some of the most common mysteries surrounding this breed and searched for answers:

Do Poodles Understand Language?

Poodles are highly intelligent, next only to Border Collies, and can learn and remember up to 300 words if trained. They are also able to respond to verbal tones and gestures.

Do Poodles Bond with Only One Person?

While poodles are known to be friendly even with strangers, they tend to cling only to that one person they pick as their favorite human, usually their main caregiver.

Do Poodles like to Sleep with Their Owners?

Yes, they do, but they can be trained to sleep in their own bed or corner.

What Are Some Poodle Behavior Problems?

Because poodles are clingy and crave attention, they tend to bark excessively until they get the attention or treat they want. They can also exhibit restlessness, compulsive behavior, and anxiety when neglected. Some poodles are assertive and domineering over other animals, even humans.

What Is the Poodle’s Life Expectancy?

A poodle’s average lifespan is 12 to 15 years.

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Someone wise said, “Life is good, but poodles make it better.” This adorable breed, irrespective of its size, is not just a show stealer but a heart stealer too. This National Poodle Day, let’s shine the spotlight on them by highlighting everything that makes them special, primped-up or not.

Because their poodle-ness is priceless!



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