Dog Looking at Chicken

Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Is your dog tiring of its regular food? Do you need to play switch-er-roo for a little while? Unsure of whether chicken makes the cut? Don’t exhaust yourself with worry. Chicken is perfectly safe for your dog!
Dog Sitting in the Kitchen

Can My Dog Eat Onions?

While some vegetables are beneficial to dogs, others may not be. In this article, we will understand if onions are good for dogs or not.
Skyline of Louisville, Kentucky

Best Beagle Breeders in Kentucky

All Beagles need is your love, care, and affection. Give them attention and spend some time playing with them, and they will make you the center of their world. If you want your very own Beagle, this article gives you the best breeders in Kentucky.
Dog with a Soldier

Most Famous Dogs in Service

They have dedicated their lives to serving humanity, these hero dogs deserve honor, admiration, and love. Get to know 10 of the most popular dogs in service and be inspired by their acts of heroism and devotion to duty despite the odds they faced.
Dog Posing in Sunglasses

Most Famous Dogs on Instagram

Dogs are intelligent, sensitive, and undoubtedly the most loyal animal to humankind. Here are some of the most famous dogs on Instagram that showcase their individuality in the cutest, most hilarious ways, enough to make your heart smile.