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What to Look for in Miami Pet-Friendly Rentals?

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When looking at rentals, consider all the offered amenities in the apartment building and the neighborhood. Make sure they have pet-friendly facilities to make life easier and more comfortable for your pet.

Last Updated on: Jun 03, 2022

Are you looking for a Miami apartment with a pet-friendly policy? This guide outlines what you need to look for in a perfect rental for you and your beloved pet.

Pet-friendly apartments are often more expensive, so it’s vital to ensure that all the offered features and amenities will meet your needs. The building and the surrounding neighborhood must have all the creature comforts that benefit pets and their owners.

Read on for everything you need to know about finding a pet-friendly apartment in Miami.

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Know the Apartment’s Pet Policies

Before anything else, ask about the apartment’s pet policies. Landlords and property managers have different policies, and they should be upfront about the specifics at the very beginning of the rental application process.

Some landlords charge extra fees for pets because they offer additional amenities, such as dog-washing stations or a pet concierge service.

Owners may have to pay an extra deposit to cover property damage that their pet may cause during the lease period. There is no standard amount for pet deposits in Miami, so it is up to you to do your due diligence and determine if it’s a reasonable expense.
Additionally, check on possible breed restrictions that landlords may impose. Service animals are exempted from these restrictions.

Some apartments also limit the number of pets allowed in one unit.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When applying for an apartment, don’t withhold information about your pet in an attempt to avoid extra expenses. The repercussions will be worse—and likely much more expensive and harmful—than paying pet-related fees.

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Check the Neighborhood Amenities

Moving into a pet-friendly neighborhood is just as crucial as a pet-friendly apartment.
What amenities should you look for?

Pet Park

Dogs need some form of exercise each day, so make sure your neighborhood is walkable and there are public parks nearby.

Note that most areas in Miami have leash regulations. Look for dog parks with enclosed areas where dogs can run around off-leash. They can also socialize and play with other dogs for their enrichment.

Dog Walkers

If you are busy most hours of the day, it’s best to hire someone to walk your dog. Check for nearby dog walking services so they can take your pet out for much-needed exercise and fresh air.

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Pet Groomers

Regular grooming is essential for most pets’ health and well-being. Ask the landlord about groomers in the area, or look them up yourself before signing your lease.

Understand the Area’s Pet-Related Laws and Regulations

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Miami, you must learn about the pet-related regulations in the specific area you want to live in.

Miami is among the top pet-friendly travel destinations in the country, so you are already at an advantage. However, laws and regulations vary by county, so do your research. Some communities have stricter pet regulations than others.

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Getting the Right Apartment

Check out these important characteristics when browsing Miami pet-friendly rentals:

Apartment Layout and Size

Look closely at the apartment layout and size to determine if you and your pet can live in it comfortably. The specifics will vary depending on the type of animal you’re bringing in and its size—a large dog needs much more space than a kitten.


Hardwood floors may be a more convenient choice, but they can be quite noisy. A carpet will require a ton of maintenance and regular cleaning if you have a pet that sheds. High-quality tiles or vinyl flooring can take a lot of beating and are very stain resistant.

Outdoor Balcony

Pets need fresh air and time in the sun, so an outdoor balcony is one feature to look for. However, if you’re high up in the building, a balcony can be dangerous for pets. Ask the landlord if you can install netting or grills to ensure your pet’s safety when it hangs out on your balcony.

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Look for a Community with Pet-Friendly Amenities

If you want to rent an apartment with your pet, look for a pet-friendly building and community that will provide maximum convenience and comfort. You might have to pay a slightly higher rent, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that your pet will be safe and content in your new home.


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