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A Look At The Most Reputable Pit Bull Breeders in Florida

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For years, the Pit Bull has been a seriously misunderstood dog breed. In reality, they come with some of the most agreeable personalities and make excellent family companions. Begin the process of filling your home with joy and love by learning ethical breeds of Pit Bull breeders who:

  • Place special attention to the dog’s temperament and health and follow responsible breeding procedures
  • Ensure the pups are healthy and placed in loving forever homes

Last Updated on: Jun 27, 2023

Serially misunderstood and often wrongly identified as an aggressive breed, the Pit Bull is a surprisingly loving companion with a pleasant temperament. A descendant of bulls and terriers, the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize Pit Bulls as an official breed.

In fact, Pit Bulls are a mix of five breeds: the American Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and the classic American Bulldog.

Pitbulls have a muscular build, broad heads, and deep chests, making this breed extremely powerful and agile. Sadly, this breed is mistreated and used in illegal dog fights because of these very physical characteristics, making them agitated and aggressive. When nurtured and cared for, Pit Bulls are affectionate, intelligent, well-temperamental, and remarkably gentle with children when socialized early on.

If you are interested in Pit Bulls as your forever companion, it is wise to choose a professional breeder that is knowledgeable, follows ethical breeding practices, cares about temperaments and socialization, and prioritizes health over everything else.

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best Pit Bull breeders in Florida.

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Titanium Kilo Kennels

Family-owned and operated, Titanium Kilo Kennels have some of the most beautiful XL and XXL Pit Bulls and American Bullies. Some of their dogs descend from the finest XL Pit Bull females of grand champagne lineage.

They pay special attention to producing pups with desirable temperaments and expose them to children from their early life stages. This shows that their pitties are easy to train and excellent in homes with children.

The price for Pit Bull pups starts at $3000, and all the puppies have a 1-year health guarantee. This breeder is unique because they hand deliver all their pups domestically, ensuring the puppy is delivered safely.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Orlando, FL

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Venomline Pocket Bullies

Venomline Pocket Bullies - Pit Bull Breeder near Delray Beach

Known as the best American Pit Bull breeder in Florida of the Pocket Bully or American Bully, Venomline has wowed Pit Bull enthusiasts for years by producing some of the thickest Pit Bulls. They are also the proud producer of several ABKC Pocket Champions and Grand Champions.

You are in good hands with this Pit Bull breeder in South Florida, as they screen all puppies for genetic issues. All the dogs are DNA and health tested, and the puppies come with health certificates, ABKC registration paperwork, shots, and are dewormed.

Website | Contact

Address: Delray Beach, FL

Elite Bully Kennels LLC

The Elite Bully Kennels LLC is known for its impeccable American Bully breeding program in Florida. If you’re looking for a lifelong companion with the gentlest temperaments to add to your family or flaunt in dog shows, this might be the perfect breeder.

The cost of the American Bully puppies starts at $5,000 and more, depending on your pick. But this is a small price to pay, considering the pitties’ excellent temperament and natural pedigree.

Website | Contact

Address: New Port Richey, FL

Resurrection Bulls & Pet Services

Resurrection Bulls & Pet Services - Pit Bull Breeder near Lakeland

Resurrection Bulls & Pet Services are in a league of their own. For starters, they breed Shorty Bulls, American Bullies, and English Bulldogs for show or as a loving family companion.

What makes this breeder special is that all their dogs and puppies are kept in the owner’s home and not in kennels. In fact, there are no kennels at Resurrection Bulls. Puppies here socialize with children and cats at an early age.

The owners are highly knowledgeable and will allow you to meet the puppy’s parents to understand their temperament better. However, it is mandatory to make an appointment to visit. Ensure you make one with the information below.

Website | Contact

Address: Lakeland, FL

Dawghouse Bullies

Are you looking for an extreme Bully? Dawghouse Bullies is an excellent breeding program that aims to produce some of the most affectionate family pets and protective guardians you can dream of.

Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, this American Pit Bull Terrier breeder gives special care and attention to all the dogs in their care. Many of their puppies are looking for forever homes, so you can visit their website to learn more.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Pompano Beach, FL

Florida Bullies

One of the most compassionate breeders, Florida Bullies is yet another dog breeder that treats their Pit Bulls as family. This family-owned breeder in Lehigh Acres specializes in breeding the most beautiful English Bulldog puppies.

From birth, the pittie pups are raised in the owner’s home and are showered with attention and love. Their concern for the puppies’ well-being extends to families looking for Pit Bulls. Florida Bullies approves each potential buyer before handing them a puppy.

Website | Contact

Address: Lehigh Acres, FL

Envious Reign Kennels

Envious Reign Kennels - Pit Bull Breeder near Alachua

Envious Reign Kennels, based in Alachua, Florida, are unique. Striving to produce some of the sturdiest and healthy American Pit Bull Terriers, the breeders are especially adept at making it easy on families.

This American Pit Bull breeder based in Florida socializes the pups with children from the early stages of their life. The puppies are trained and handed over only after they turn 8 weeks old. All pups have documentation, Florida Health Certificate, first shots, deworming, and microchips.

They are ABKC or ABR registered and have excellent temperaments from some majestic bloodlines, like GRCH J2, GRCH Lucky Luciano, CH Heatwave, & GRCH Bullsharkin.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Alachua, FL

Legends of Denmark

Look no further if you are looking for an overly affectionate, loyal furry family member to call your own. Specialized breeders of the English Bulldog, Legends of Denmark, place special attention on the temperament of their pups.

They strive to produce some of the most adorable, friendly, and personable pups imaginable. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, this Pit Bull also runs processes to approve homes before giving away their Pitties. Legends of Denmark puppies come with the purest pedigrees from some of the country’s most sought-after Pit Bull bloodlines.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Jacksonville, FL


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