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Choose From The Coolest Pit Bull Dog Names for Your Precious Pooch

At A Glance

Pit Bulls are muscular and strong but also super-loving. The once infamous and mistreated breed is now one of the most sought-after dogs. If you have a new Pit Bull and do not know what to name it, let us help you.

This article:

  • Lists 150 male and female Pit Bull dog names and their origins and meanings.
  • Some names include Thor, Drogon, Aurora, or Lola — there’s a name for every Pittie personality.

Last Updated on: Sep 22, 2023

Stocky and dorky, Pit Bulls have an undeniable aura about them that’s hard to miss. Pit Bulls, as we know them today, may only retain 43.5% of the DNA of their ancestors, but nothing is lost regarding the breed’s charming personality. That explains why more than 18 million Pit Bulls and their mixes exist as pets in the United States.

Lovingly called Pitties, this breed comprises American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bullies, and Staffordshire Terriers. When bred and brought up well, the breed is known to be one of the most even-tempered dogs. They are as well-natured as Golden Retrievers.

Fiercely loyal and protective of their families, Pit Bulls can make for great companions. If you adore the breed and plan on getting one home, you must find cute Pit Bull dog names that suit the breed’s magnetic personality.

Glance through the list to find the best Pit Bull dog names of 2023.

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Pit Bull Dog Names – Female

pitbull dog names female - dog names – female

We will start the list with Pit Bull girl dog names inspired by their charismatic personalities. The females of the species are known to be affectionate and loving. They are usually calmer than their male counterparts but are just as protective of their families. Some of the top female dog names include:

  • Ariana – Has Greek roots; means the holiest of the holy
  • Aurora – Has its roots in Latin and stands for dawn
  • Aspen – Has Old English roots and stands for “shaking tree”
  • Addie – Has a German origin, means sweet, pleasing, or noble
  • Ava – Has Latin roots, stands for someone who is lively and free-spirited
  • Alex – Comes from a Greek word meaning the protector of mankind/warrior
  • Anna – Has roots in Hebrew, implies the favored one
  • Blaire – Gaelic for meadow; also the shrewd second fiddle from Gossip Girl
  • Bella – Has a shared Latin-Italian origin and translates to beautiful
  • Beth – A biblical name that can be roughly translated to house or home
  • Buffy – After Buffy from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, America’s pulp fiction icon
  • Betty – Has English and Hebrew origin, stands for “god is my oath”
  • Baby – An affectionate and intimate way of referring to someone you love
  • Bonnie – Comes from the Scottish language and stands for pretty or happy
  • Brooklyn – A stylish city-based name inspired by the American borough
  • Caroline – This word means someone who is loved and cherished
  • Carrie – Stephen King’s telekinetic leading lady; also means skillful and powerful
  • Cleo – It stands for glory or triumph, also short for Cleopatra
  • Colette – Of French origin; stands for people of victory
  • Clara – It stands for someone who is bright and vivacious
  • Constance – With a French-Latin origin, this name signifies steadfastness
  • Diana – With a mixed origin that can be traced back to Greek, Latin, and Indo-European cultures, the name stands for divine
  • Ellie – It stands for the bright and shining light
  • Electra – Anglicized version of Greek mythological protagonist, implying radiance
  • Emma – Hugely popular name across borders, stands for universal
  • Fiona – It means fair, Anglicized from the Gaelic “fionn”
  • Florence – Extremely feminine, stands for flourishing or prosperous
  • Fifi – Nickname for the Biblical Josephine, roughly translates to God gives
  • Gamora – Thanos’s rebellious daughter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Geneviève – The patron saint of Paris, the ideal name for protective female pitties
  • Gertrude – Has German roots; the name means someone strong
  • Harley – Pop culture’s favorite anti-heroine and the Joker’s manic on-off girlfriend
  • Hannah – Hebrew for grace, refers to someone who is God’s favorite
  • Heather – Originates from British folklore, stands for evergreen
  • Harriet – Historically recognizable, stands for someone who rules the home
  • Jasmine – Of Persian origin, roughly translates to “Gift of God”
  • Jessica – A variation of Iscah from the Jewish Bible, stands for vision or sight
  • Kagura – The famous anime protagonist, a powerful elite of Yato
  • Kimiko – She’s the fierce female protagonist, one of the tritagonists from The Boys
  • Lady – Female lead from the 1955 American animated musical Lady and the Tramp
  • Layla – Beautiful Arabic word for the night
  • Leia – The brave and inspiring rebel princess from Star Wars
  • Lila – Also spelled as Leela; roots back to South Asia and stands for unmatched beauty
  • Lorelei – Eponymous heroine of German folklore and also a famous rock song by Styx
  • Lola – It’s a derivative of Dolores, and stands for precious
  • Leona – Effortlessly graceful; it also means a lioness
  • Leanna – Comes from Latin, and indicates someone soft and feminine
  • Maeve – Shares Irish-Gaelic roots, stands for “she who rules”
  • Natasha – Has a Russian origin, refers to someone born on Christmas Day
  • Natalie – It is an excellent name for a pup born during winter
  • Nikita – The Slavic for victorious or the one who cannot be overpowered
  • Nymeria – The warrior queen of Rhoyne in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Noori – Has Arabic roots; this word means shining light
  • Ophelia – Shakespeare’s tragic heroine from Hamlet, also stands for help
  • Penelope – Comes from Homer’s Odyssey, meaning the weaver
  • Priscilla – Of Latin origin and means ancient or respectable
  • Poppy – It is an Old English word meaning the red flower
  • Penny – Comes from the Latin “phoibos,” meaning radiant or luminous
  • Ruby – Refers to the luscious red gemstone — unique and precious
  • Ramona – Stands for a woman who is wise, pragmatic, and protective
  • Roxie – Has Persian roots, implies the bright or morning star
  • Sasha – Has Russian roots, stands for defender of mankind
  • Sadie – A short and sweet name that refers to a joyful princess
  • Selina – Catwoman’s real-world alter ego, a Gotham City inhabitant, and Batman’s ally
  • Stella – It’s an old name, dating back to the Middle Ages, and stands for a star
  • Sakura – The world-famous magical girl from Japanese pop cultural hit Cardcaptor Sakura; also Japanese for cherry blossom
  • Trixie – Perfect for a dog that is high-spirited and brings others joy
  • Trish – It is short for Patricia and stands for a noble lady
  • Tabitha – It means a graceful woman who is kind and amiable
  • Xena – She’s the vigilante warrior princess from the eponymous series Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Yoko – Japanese for the ocean and sun, signifies positive energy
  • Zoe – Short and sweet, this name roughly translates to life
  • Zelda – Originates from Old High German, refers to the fierce battle maid
  • Zuri – Comes from the Swahili dialect; it is another word for beautiful
  • Zora – Goes back to the ancient Zulu dialect. The name means peaceful


Pit Bull Dog Names- Male

pitbull dog names male - dog names – male

That may have been a chonky list of names, but we’re not done yet. How can we forget about the handsome male Pit Bulls, right? Here are 150 Pit Bull dog names for boys that are oh-so-cool, just like the good boys themselves.

Our best picks include:

  • Ace – Has a Latin origin, stands for “the one” or someone who excels at what they do
  • Amaury – Can be traced to French-German roots; also the most genius pastry chef who rules our social media
  • Albus – Short for the charismatic and inimitable Prof. Dumbledore in Harry Potter
  • Abel – Cain’s Biblical brother, a.k.a the breathing spirit
  • Anton – Has Latin roots and refers to a priceless man
  • Bruce – Gotham’s billionaire vigilante, Batman’s alter ego
  • Blake – Has British roots; it stands for black, bright, and bold
  • Ben – Originates in Hebrew, short for Binyamain or “son of my right hand”
  • Boomer – A fun take on someone who is noteworthy (or loud)
  • Bernie – A sweet name with German roots that means a brave bear
  • Carlos – Spanish for a man who is free-willed and valiant
  • Chad – Not a shiny boy but a warrior of class. The name has British origins
  • Cash – One of the coolest gangsta rapper names that there ever was
  • Callum – A Scottish-Gaelic derivative of Columba, synonymous with peace
  • Caesar – One of history’s most famous Roman conquerors; braveheart
  • Chuck – Inspired by the brooding yet flamboyant Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl
  • Chase – Short for the English word Chauncey, stands for the hunter
  • Danny – Short for the Hebrew Danyal, one who is just and kind; also short for Daniel
  • Dante – Originates in Italian, stands for one who perseveres or is unfazed
  • Damon – Has roots in Greek mythology, stands for one who tames others
  • Diego – Spanish for one who teaches, also a prodigal Argentinian footballer
  • Dylan – Has Welsh roots, refers to someone who is born from the ocean/sea
  • Desmond – An old Anglo-Saxon name that stands for the ultimate defender
  • Drogon – Daenerys’s trusted dragon from Game of Thrones
  • Earl – Comes from Old English; stands for the nobel/righteous man
  • Ezra – Comes from the Hebrew word “Azaryahu”, means helper
  • Eli – Finds mention in the Old Testament, implies the elevated one
  • Evan – Means a good man or one who is smart, sporty, suave
  • Ethan – Stands for endurance and strength and is of Hebrew origin
  • Edward – Just our favorite Tim Burton protagonist from the classical film Edward Scissorhands
  • Elvis – The all-wise one, also the King of Rock n Roll
  • Edmund – Old British for wealthy protector, someone who brings prosperity
  • Frank – Think of a German gentleman who talks of free thinking, free spirit
  • Ferguson – The son of the supreme one, one of dignity and class
  • Felix – Has roots in Latin, indicates one who is lucky
  • Francis – Has mixed roots but mostly stands for the free man
  • Fabio – An Italian name for someone who farms beans — a nobleman
  • Fernando – Comes from Spanish and Portuguese, stands for the adventurer
  • Felipe – Spanish variation of Philip, the friend of the horses
  • Gabe – Hebrew for God’s hero, also a stylish man of honor
  • Gavin – Adapted from the mythical Sir Gawain, a.k.a the godsent knight
  • George – Greek for the one who works the earth, a man of the earth
  • Grant – Can be traced back to English, French, and Scottish roots; the big man
  • Graham – Scottish for a gray home but sweet enough for a sleepy pittie
  • Hans – Shared German-Scandinavian origin, stands for god’s grace
  • Harry – Only our most beloved child hero from JK Rowling’s eponymous series
  • Henry – Has roots in the Old German word “heim,” meaning ruler of the house
  • Horus – Egyptian God with the face of a falcon — powerful
  • Humbert – Comes from German, the giant or the ginormous warrior
  • Hayden – Has Biblical significance, means the fire of the fields
  • Jasper – Has Persian roots, stands for the treasurer
  • Jagger – Inspired by rock musician and The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger
  • Johnny – The famous naughty lad from the nursery rhyme, also Greek for god’s gift
  • Ken – Barbie’s beach-loving handsome boyfriend — a lovable goofball
  • Kevin – Has Irish roots, stands for the handsome man
  • Knox – A stylish celebrity name, also Gaelic for a hill with a rounded top
  • Lucas – It stands for someone who brightens your day
  • Lévi – A nickname inspired by French philosopher Claude Lévi-Strauss
  • Louis – Short form of Ludwig, French for famous warrior
  • Mario – A name of Italian origin, it stands for the manly man
  • Max – Short for Maximilian, the Latin word for the greatest
  • Myles – A nickname inspired by the famous American rock musician from Alter Bridge
  • Noah – A Biblical name, the man who built the Arc to flee the Genesis floods
  • Noel – A French name perfect for a dog born in and around Christmas
  • Nick – Could be the famous singer or Marvel’s most decorated combat veteran — you choose
  • Oscar – After the world-famous Academy Awards, because your Bully is just as precious
  • Pablo – The happy-go-lucky little guy, humble, rooted
  • Paul – A lovely Christian name that stands for the humble one
  • Quentin – A unique name inspired by Quentin Tarantino, a celebrated American filmmaker
  • Sam – The calm, quiet, cool, and collected one, perfect for a well-trained Pittie
  • Simon – A classical Greek word, refers to someone who is flat-nosed
  • Timothy – Has roots in the Greek language, stands for honor
  • Thor – Only the most beloved Norse God, also a swashbuckling hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Xavi – Stylish short for Xavier, the brother/friend
  • Zack – Shortened form of Zachary/Zachariah, stands for laughter

With that, we come to the end of our list. These names have been carefully handpicked to fit your Pittie boy or girl like a glove. Select any of the names mentioned in this list or make up a name that suits your pooch. Until then, happy dog parenting to you.



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