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Top 8 Most Popular Sporting Dog Breeds

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Sporting dog breeds have delightful personalities and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They originate from all around the world and once had different purposes.

Learn more about these playful and active breeds and find your next marathon buddy.

Last Updated on: Jun 29, 2022

Dogs are excellent family pets because of their gentleness, friendliness, and adaptability. They love being around people and gel well with children. They are very energetic, athletic, and extremely fond of their humans. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular sporting dog breeds.

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Labrador dog

Labrador Retriever

As expected, the list has to start with the Lab. The sweet-faced, loving Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States. Labrador retrievers are cheerful, extroverted, and high-spirited pets with plenty of love to go around for a household with children looking for a medium-to-large dog.

The Lab is a friendly breed that loves learning, and it is easy to train them. They are passionate athletes that need a lot of physical activity, like running, playing, and swimming, to stay mentally and physically strong. True to their name, they excel at games like fetch due to their innate instinct to retrieve objects.

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English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer spaniel is a prominent sporting dog breed. They’re a common choice for people interested in competing in canine sports like agility and training. They are loving and cheerful dogs who like spending time with their humans. They’re also great with children.

The joyful medium-sized English Springer Spaniel is the forefather of English gundogs and the biggest spaniel dog breed. They have a medium-length double coat, exceptionally large ears, and small legs. But don’t be fooled by their hefty and stout appearance. They are excellent swimmers and are quick on their feet.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers are athletic dogs with huge hearts for their humans. Breeders in Germany bred them as hunting dogs and trained them to hunt both on land and in water. So, they don’t hesitate to dive in a river, stream, or sea.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a terrific dog with a slender physique, sharp eyes, long ears, and a natural tendency to run. They are faithful, bright, and willing to learn. They are trained to compete in sports, speed, and behavior contests. Due to their high energy levels and stature, they are best suited for families with children aged 6 and up.

Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel is a curious, energetic, and enthusiastic medium-sized dog. This popular sporting dog breed requires a lot of activity and makes a really good watchdog. They are an excellent choice for individuals looking for an all-purpose pet, a dog-sport comrade, or a buddy who fits well with active, adventurous family life.

The Brittany Spaniel is distinguished by its beautiful and colorful coat, which is often a combination of reddish-brown and white. These adorable canines have long legs and petite bodies, allowing them to be incredibly quick and athletic. Because of their tiny stature, they live longer than many other sports breeds, with many living up to 15 years old.

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Vizsla dog


The Vizsla is a famous medium- to large-sized sporting dog breed with a graceful demeanor and a powerful, athletic physique. These tough athletes have been the glory of Hungarian sportsmen for generations. The breed excels in various dog sports, such as speed and communication.

The Vizsla is a vivacious, charming, loving, and empathetic dog. Vizslas establish close bonds with their humans. This energetic, adventurous, and nimble breed requires a lot of exercise. They are quick and elegant trotters with a lot of energy. They are easy to communicate with because of their expressive body language.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a lively gundog with elegance, speed, and a bright red coat. This breed is calm and friendly with everyone. The Irish, with their long, wiry legs and strong rear drive, are among the fastest of any sporting dogs. They’re cheeky and curious, with a lot of energy.

These Setters can be relatively self-sufficient, intelligent, and eager to learn. The Irish are an excellent hunting dog that requires enough practice in the form of rigorous field and retrieval activities. They are well-known for being wonderful family dogs, delightful companions for the adults, and romping buddies and tennis-ball fetchers for the kids.



The Weimaraner is a German breed that was developed to hunt big animals such as hogs, bears, and bucks. This high-energy dog requires an active family who can meet his rigorous exercise needs. They are good at learning but easily distracted, therefore their training and exercises should be diversified to keep them motivated.

Having said that, they are not independent dogs and like to spend as much time as possible with their humans. They get along with kids only if they have been raised with them. Weims like to live indoors and spend quality time with their family. They have side-set eyes that help them to focus on what is going on around them.

American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a friendly dog that was bred to hunt and retrieve birds. This charming spaniel has a luscious dense and soft coat and trousered legs. It is for its constantly wagging tail and cheerful demeanor.

Cockers get along well with kids and outsiders, and they can live in apartments. These active athletic dogs enjoy playing and long walks. The lively Cocker Spaniel, with his beautiful, soulful eyes and goofy nature, is one of the world’s most popular breeds.

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Without a doubt, sports breeds are among the best canines today and are suitable for a wide variety of homes. Popular sporting dog breeds come in all types, colors, and sizes.

They all have one common factor, though: they are all extremely energetic. Go for them if you have the time and energy to take them out for daily walks, excursions, and playtime.


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