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Top Portuguese Water Dogs in Ontario Who Are Worth the Hype

At A Glance

Portuguese Water Dogs, or PWDs, are the perfect companions for those who lead an active lifestyle. These dogs, with hypoallergenic coats, are very obedient, loving, and agile, making them a sought-after breed.

But remember:

  • PWDs need a lot of regular grooming as their curls or waves often hold on to debris and can get tangled easily.
  • Choose a responsible breeder to ensure you will get a happy, healthy pup for years to come.

Last Updated on: Jan 25, 2024

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Affectionate, adventurous, and athletic, Portuguese Water Dogs are very in demand. The breed’s coat is hypoallergenic, with curls and waves in black, brown, and white. They are eager to please their humans, making them excellent family companions.

Portuguese Water Dogs were initially bred to be all-around fisherman’s helpers. They are active and excel in obedience, tracking, agility, rallying, and dock diving.

If you’re based in Ontario and are looking for a pup, choose one of these reliable Portuguese Water Dogs breeders. They are passionate, ethical, and follow strict breeding guidelines.

Featured Breeder

Willow Creek Water Dogs

  • Experienced breeder
  • Volhard puppy temperament tests
  • Members of the CKC

Pamela Headon has been breeding dogs since 1999 and has had a home full of pups since then.

Willow Creek Water Dogs understands the importance of breed standards. They focus on the temperament, health, and socialization of all pups. They go through Volhard temperament tests to pair every pup with their ideal family.

The breeder’s website is a treasure trove of resources, and Headon is always up to answer queries.

willow creek water dogs - pam

Pam Headon

Bayport and Willow Creek Waterdogs breeding top quality Portuguese Water Dogs and Barbet for 30 years. Our dogs are bred for excellent temperament and health. Our puppies are socialized in our home with 3 adults and 3 young children. We often have Open Houses to meet the breed and for the puppies to meet and play with all sort of humans!

Portuguese Waterdogs make excellent very intelligent companions that love to swim hike and play. The fact that the do not shed will keep your home and swimming pool nice and clean. Bayport has Ben instrumental in bringing back the breed from near extinction by very careful intentional selection of healthy bloodlines. Bayport has been a long-standing member in good standing with the CKC.

We believe “a good beginning never ends!”


LunaNova nurtures every litter at home, allowing all pups to become familiar with different sounds, touches, and people of all ages.

As an avid conformation breeder, LunaNova ensures all pups are deemed good representations of the breed standard. All litters are from generations of Champion Show Dogs.

Today, the breeder is registered with CKC and often volunteers with the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada. They also provide lifetime support for owners.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Cambridge, ON

Charbr Portuguese Water Dogs

charbr portuguese water dogs - pwd laying

Cindy, the owner and founder, needed a dog that wouldn’t trigger her respiratory issues. She fell in love with Portuguese Water Dogs and has been committed to canine education for decades.

Today, Cindy is certified in “The Third Way” and supports the National Breed Club (PWDCC). All of their pups are healthy, of sound temperament, and hail from champion bloodlines.

Charbr Portuguese Water Dogs focus on obedience, water work, conformation, agility, and rally-o. They also conduct personal training.

Website | Email ID

Address: Colborne, ON

Portuguese Water Dogs at Ricelake

This small breeder, located east of Toronto, Ontario, has been breeding Portuguese Water Dogs since 1993. They focus on temperaments, intelligence, and health.

All pups are raised at home, so they are well-socialized and familiar with varied environments. Pups go to their forever homes with health guarantees for hips (PennHip/OFA) and eyes (PRA Optigen).

All owners get a 2-year guarantee with lifetime breeder support.

Website | Contact

Address: Campbellford, ON

Acostar Portuguese Water Dogs

acostar portuguese water dogs - pwd

Lesley Millar and her family simply love Porties and raise healthy, happy puppies at home. It all began when the family was looking for a dog that wouldn’t shed, and the rest is history. She is also an Avidog Associate Breeder, registered with CKC, and a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada.

The breeder tests all dogs for genetic conditions before they go on to their forever homes. And because every litter is brought up in a happy home, they are well socialized and have sound temperaments.

Website | Contact

Address: Ottawa, ON

Kybra Kennels

If you’re looking for pups with excellent health, look no further than Kybra Kennels. Started in 2002, this breeder is a member of the CKC, producing each litter more exceptional than the previous one.

Kybra Kennels guarantees 100% customer satisfaction because they put a lot of effort into raising well-socialized puppies with excellent temperaments.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Atwood, ON

Portuguese Water Dogs are friendly and intelligent, with hypoallergenic coats. Choose any one of these Portuguese Water Dog breeders if you prioritize a happy and healthy pup. They will not disappoint!



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