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DoggieLawn Review: An Easy Potty Time Solution for Pet Owners

As a dog owner, I always feel like I’m one poop away from a disaster. And let’s be real, picking up dog poop is never fun. Not to mention all that smelly business! But then I discovered DoggieLawn, and it’s been a game changer.

Now, Dex can take care of business in our own backyard without me having to carry a bag of his poop all over the neighborhood like some modern-day Sisyphus. And let’s not forget the best part: watching him do his little victory lap around the DoggieLawn like he’s just won the Doggy Olympics. It’s the little things in life, folks.


Why DoggieLawn Is A Game Changing Solution for Pet Owners

As a pet parent, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to maintain a clean and healthy home while ensuring my beagle, Dex, is happy and comfortable.

As a pet parent, I always want the best for him, but sometimes that can be easier said than done. When it comes to potty time, traditional solutions like pads and litter boxes can be messy, smelly, and unappealing. Not to mention, constantly cleaning up after your pet can be frustrating and time-consuming.

I was intrigued by DoggieLawn, a unique and innovative solution for pet owners in need of hassle-free potty time. I was excited to try out this revolutionary product that promises to make potty time easier and cleaner for both pets and pawrents.

dog sitting in doggielawn

DoggieLawn is a subscription-based service that delivers a patch of natural grass directly to your door on a regular basis.

The grass is specially grown and cut to be the perfect size for your pup’s potty needs, and the soil beneath the grass naturally absorbs and neutralizes odors.

The grass is conveniently disposable, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning or maintaining it. Simply replace it with a fresh patch when it’s time.

Since using DoggieLawn, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in Dex’s potty time routine. He’s much more willing to go on the grass patch, and I’ve had fewer accidents to clean up.

Plus, my home smells cleaner and fresher, which is a big plus for my guests and me.

Dex’s experience aside, how well does DoggieLawn fare when it comes to upgrading your pup’s potty game?

Read this review for the inside scoop on this innovative solution that has transformed how my pup does his business.

Dex’s Rating

dex's overall rating


From Grass to Class: Upgrade Your Pup’s Potty Game With DoggieLawn

Whether you live in a condo with no accessible yard space or are house-training your dog, DoggieLawn presents an innovative, eco-friendly, and odor-free solution to help you with your pet training woes.

As mentioned above, DoggieLawn is a subscription service that delivers real, farm-fresh grass to your doorstep 1 to 4 times a month, depending on your pet’s needs. Specifically, DoggieLawn is a real grass dog potty patch that makes potty training easier by using live grass, which dogs are instinctively attracted to.

It’s like bringing the outdoors in, and not having to worry about changing pee pads daily or getting up in the wee hours to let your dog out. Their potty patches come in different sizes, and every subscription comes with its own Pup Perks, including:
infographic showing DoggieLawn pup perks you get with every order
If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to invest in a DoggieLaw subscription, this in-depth DoggieLawn review might help you make an informed decision.

My paws-on assistant, Dex, takes these tests seriously, so the ratings reflect both our opinions.

While working on this review, I also gathered insights from other pet parents, including their experiences with the product (and similar products) for comparison. I also sought feedback from non-pet parents, especially regarding the smell of the house while we were using the potty patches.


Pee-licious: The Pros and Cons of Using DoggieLawn for Your Furry Friend

Deciding on the right potty solution for your furry friend can be ruff. While DoggieLawn has its perks, like convenience and odor control, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s like choosing between kibble and wet food – both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using DoggieLawn, to determine if this potty solution will have your pup wagging its tail or hiding its nose.


  • Makes potty training your pet easy
  • Locally-sourced and eco-friendly
  • Clean, bug-free, and soil-free
  • Bigger than patches from other leading brands
  • Free plastic tray and other freebies
  • Competitive pricing with the convenience of subscription-based service
  • A great alternative to pee pads and fake grass
  • The subscription service lets you adjust your plan as required at no extra cost


  • More expensive in the long run compared to traditional solutions like pads and litter boxes
  • May not be suitable for dogs who dig after they potty
  • Has a limited lifespan which depends on factors like how often it’s used and the size of your pet
  • Made of real grass, hence subject to the same environmental factors as any other outdoor grass patch
  • Can get messy and may need frequent changing if your pet suffers from loose stools


Let’s Get Technical: A Closer Look at DoggieLawn’s Features and Functionality

Convenient Pet Potty Solution

DoggieLawn’s best benefit is that it makes potty training so much easier. Since dogs are naturally inclined to seek out grass when nature calls, the product effectively helps to draw your pet’s attention and reinforces positive potty habits.

As a bonus, DoggieLawn also absorbs urine and neutralizes odors, helping maintain a pleasant environment while you’re training your pup.

DoggieLawn is also convenient since you can set it up anywhere you want to train your dog to potty. It can be placed indoors or outdoors or brought along on travels. Simply set the tray down and place a fresh patch of grass, and you’re good to go. Since the product is made of hydroponically-grown natural grass and comes with a tray, it is lush, virtually mess-free, and naturally odor-blocking.

The company also offers a locally sourced option for traditional sod,2 ideal for customers in eastern locations. Eastern Local grass is non-hydroponic and grown traditionally but also sustainable, ensuring that customers can get fresh patches of grass delivered to their doorstep wherever they may be.

doggielawn - grass options for west coast and eastern locations


I got a Medium DoggieLawn for my Beagle, Dex, and from what I saw, each fresh delivery lasts a little over two weeks. Of course, you may need to change your grass patches more often if you have more dogs or larger breeds, but overall, the grass patches remain surprisingly fresh even after weeks of use.

For the sake of a thorough doggie lawn review, I tried to see if one patch could be stretched up to three weeks. Dex didn’t seem to mind it much, and the patch retained its integrity despite its extended lifespan. This was a pleasant discovery since I’d expected it would turn a bit soggy at the three-week mark.

If anything, it had started turning a bit dry and brown by then but was by no means messy, nor did it show signs of rot.

But a maximum of two weeks is ideal. DoggieLawn also recommends watering the grass lightly if it appears to be drying out. I found this tip helpful, but I recommend using a fine mist spray bottle and lightly misting the patch daily instead of watering it directly.

Another pleasant discovery was the smell.

I was a bit skeptical initially, especially approaching the three-week mark. But DoggieLawn delivered on its promise of being odor-neutralizing. I also asked friends and family who came over for their honest opinions, and they all agreed the smell was not offensive in any way.

dex with money

Pricing and Subscription Plans

After researching the market, I discovered that DoggieLawn offered more competitive prices than other natural grass brands. Let’s compare DoggieLawn vs. Fresh Patch, for example.

Do the math, and you’ll see that you get approximately $3.75 of savings for a 24″ x 16″ standard patch. The complimentary tray is also a huge value-add, especially since Fresh Patch only delivers the grass patch, meaning you’ll have to use the cardboard box it came in or purchase a separate tray that would cost around $24.95 and upwards, depending on the material.

If I have to talk about the sizes, DoggieLawn’s patches are quite sizable compared to those of competitors, which is a plus. It meant DoggieLawn patches would last longer and would not get too saturated.

The brand does mention on its website that prices are lower than that of competitors because they either grow or locally source the grass they use. And the savings gained are passed on to the customer.

The company offers the following subscription plans:

Dog Size Lawn Size Price
Standard DoggieLawn 24” x 16”
(for dogs under 15 lb)
Medium DoggieLawn 24” x 20”
(for dogs 10-30 lb)
Large DoggieLawn 24” x 24”
(for dogs 20-50 lb)
XL DoggieLawn 24” x 48”
(for multiple dogs or dogs over 40 lb)

Shipping and Freebies

Shipping-wise, orders arrive on time and are well-packaged. The grass comes neatly packed and rolled up in a box with free disposable gloves for mess-free handling. You’ll find that the grass is slightly damp on arrival, indicating freshness. (I’d recommend lightly misting the patch once you’ve laid it out. I found this helps increase its longevity.

The reusable plastic tray, which comes with the subscription plan, is sleek, sturdy, and easy to clean. When you get a new delivery, all you have to do is remove the old grass (perfect for composting), quickly wipe down the tray or rinse it, and set up the fresh patch.

What I also loved about the company’s service was the constant updates via SMS alerts, once your order is processed up until its delivery date. It is pretty easy to connect and communicate with the DoggieLawn team. Any changes in delivery are effortlessly accommodated at no extra cost; if, for example, you find you won’t be home during the scheduled delivery date or if you want to adjust your order.

And as for freebies and perks, you’ll get the following inclusions and deals from the brand, some of which I’ve already mentioned above:

  • Free tray for Standard to Large DoggieLawns
  • Up to 15% discount on XL DoggieLawn trays, which you’ll purchase one-time when you first subscribe
  • Redeemable Paw Points (1 Paw Point for every dollar spent)
  • 30% off on featured monthly newsletter products
  • 2 months of free telehealth consultations via AskVet
  • A welcome training kit that includes a complete training guide, potty-here scent training spray, and free poop bags
  • In-house training expert on standby to help you with personalized advice if you have any concerns
infographic on which dogs are doggielawn best for

Who Is DoggieLawn Best For?

While DoggieLawn is a convenient potty solution for pet owners, these grass patches are especially beneficial for pet owners in small spaces and for certain types of pets and situations:

Housetraining Younger Puppies, Rescues, or Older Dogs

Grass patches come in handy when housetraining younger puppies, rescues, or older dogs because dogs are instinctively drawn to natural grass for elimination. And providing a designated grassy area indoors can help to reinforce and accelerate their natural potty training instincts.

Dog Owners Living in High-rise Apartments or Condos

DoggieLawn is an excellent alternative for pups or dogs with limited access to outdoor spaces, such as those living in condos and high-rise apartments.

Dogs with Health Conditions or Special Needs

DoggieLawn is also ideal for puppies undergoing vaccination shots and can’t potty outdoors yet, or senior dogs with arthritis or suffering from incontinence.

Dogs Living in Areas with Extreme Weather Conditions

It’s hard to let your dog out during inclement weather conditions.

Grass patches provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient alternative for these pets, allowing them to relieve themselves without the need for long walks or outdoor excursions during blizzards, rain showers, snowstorms, hurricanes, or even sweltering heat.

Traveling Dogs

DoggieLawn is a convenient alternative for dog owners who like taking their dogs along on adventures. Whether you’re on a boat, in an RV, or at an airport or hotel – simply set it down, and you have an instant potty patch for your dog no matter where you go.

Dogs Left Alone Indoors the Whole Day

If your dog is home alone while you’re at work and needs to potty indoors, the DoggieLawn can be the perfect solution. The grass’s natural absorbency can help keep the area clean and dry.

This makes maintaining a hygienic living space for both pets and owners easier.

infographic showing DoggieLawn's pros over traditional potty

DoggieLawn vs. Traditional Potty Methods: Why the Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Overall, Dex and I are pretty impressed with what DoggieLawn has to offer. The company makes good on its claims and offers excellent value for money with its plans, inclusions, and freebies.

It’s also a great eco-friendly alternative to other potty training solutions, such as fake grass patches or pee pads. Aside from being waste-free and good for the environment, DoggieLawn works great at neutralizing pet odors3 even after weeks of use.

If you’ve tried using fake grass or pee pads, you know how overwhelming the smell can be if they’re not replaced after a few days, so for that alone, I consider DoggieLawn’s three-week lifespan incredibly impressive.

It also presents a more affordable option for the same high-quality product. I also saw reviews comparing DoggieLawn grass to the regular sod you can buy at Home Depot and found that people who did try using sod quickly gave up because it was either too messy or had bugs. So that’s another point in favor of DoggieLawn.

Given that you’re taking a live plant indoors, you’ll want it to be clean, soil-free, and bug-free. Store-bought sod tends to be loosely packed, so unless you have the time and inclination to tend to these grass patches indoors, I will go with DoggieLawn.

To conclude, I highly recommend DoggieLawn for anyone looking to potty train their dog indoors or live in places where outdoor access is limited. It’s a great way to give your dog a piece of the outdoors, plus it isn’t an eyesore in the way a pee pad is. Also, with the subscription plans, you get to save money on your monthly orders.

What Pet Parents Are Saying About DoggieLawn

  • Cece

    As seen on Amazon
    The main difference is that the DL is *slightly* larger, dimension-wise; they claim 33% (see description). For those who complain that the price is so much higher than lawn sod you can buy at a landscaping store or Home Depot, well, this is NOT sod. It is bug-free, soil-free, and cleaner.

  • Jillian S.

    As seen on DoggieLawn
    Our puppy really likes the lawn. We don’t have a backyard, just a patio and he’s too little to go out to the park. So having this lawn service as an option is ideal!

  • Matthew A. Roberts

    As seen on Amazon
    99% of what comes out of this dog is on these grass pads. The only potties that don’t end up on these pads are either from accidents or from her walks. [It’s] excellent for potty training! We keep her two 20-inch pads outside to do her business. (…)We haven’t had an accident in over a month at least.

  • Victoria C.

    As seen on DoggieLawn
    Would Recommend. I think DoggieLawn is definitely a purchase I don’t regret doing. The grass came fresh like described and in only one day after placing the order on standard shipping! I live in an apartment with no dog area and this is perfect to add to my balcony.

What Vets Have To Say

The consensus among vets is that potty training pets indoors can be done with the help of potty training aids such as DoggieLawn.

However, most vets suggest that if you want to train your dog to potty outside (i.e., if you have open access to a yard), it’s best to start taking them out as early as possible. Indoor elimination devices can apparently slow down a dog’s training, especially if you’re using fake grass or potty pads.

This is also probably why grass potty patches work so well, as they provide an “outdoor” experience for your pet which can help them quickly understand that it’s the right place to do their business.

  • Monique Feyrecilde

    As seen on VCA Animal
    Choose the area you want them to use for toileting and the door you wish them to go through to go out to the elimination area. If you will be using a special litter box or turf area on a patio or balcony, or another indoor latrine, consider where you want to keep it so you can easily supervise your dog’s toilet habits.

  • Cathy Madson

    As seen on Preventive Vet
    By allowing your puppy to eliminate indoors while also trying to train them to go potty outside, you are sending mixed messages. This confusion can delay the desired habit of holding it until they can go outside.

  • Cassidy Sutton

    As seen on DoggieLawn
    With no chemicals or fertilizers, this lawn provides an all-natural space for your dog to go to the bathroom and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. You don’t have to feel guilty, and your dog gets a taste of the great outdoors every time.


Other Products by DoggieLawn Worth Checking Out

Here are other helpful pet care products from the brand that I found useful:

Anti-Icky-Poo Odor Neutralizer

Love your dog but hate the smell of poop and pee? The Anti-Icky-Poo Odor Neutralizer is designed to help eliminate odor from pet urine, feces, and other messes. It’s completely safe to use on your DoggieLawn or anywhere your dog loves to leave its mark.

What You’ll Love About It:

It’s a green, eco-friendly formulation that’s completely pet-safe. It contains natural odor-removing enzymes and live bacteria that work together to help combat unpleasant smells-hence the name! You can use it on your DoggieLawn, in your yard, or on furniture to eliminate persistent odors.


  • Comes in a 16 fl. Oz. spray bottle for easy spraying
  • Sustainable, pet-safe, and eco-friendly
  • Free shipping if shipped with dog grass
Anti-Icky Poo Odor Remover

DoggieLawn Potty Training Boost

This potty spray is a perfect training aid for young puppies! If you still find that they have trouble going on the potty patch, the pheromones in the spray will help lure them to the right spot.

What You’ll Love About It:

DoggieLawn’s Potty Training Boost is a natural attractant spray made of a proprietary blend. It is designed to help train dogs of all ages to go potty on their DoggieLawn. All you need to do is spritz a small amount before your dog’s usual potty time and reapply as needed. Be sure to positively reward your dog with praise or a small treat!


  • Comes in a 32 fl. Oz. spray bottle
  • Perfect for housebreaking puppies, rescues, and senior dogs
  • Works well-and quickly (unlike stinky training pads)!
Potty Training Boost

Anti-Dig Kit

If your dog is the type to dig and chew anything, DoggieLawn has a netting that can fit your DoggieLawn to deter your pet from digging, chewing, or biting the grass patch.

What You’ll Love About It:

If your dog chews on everything or loves digging holes in the yard – then the DoggieLawn may be another target in their eyes! The anti-dig netting helps deter digging, chewing, and biting without hurting your pup.


  • Netting is durable and reusable
  • Comes in multiple sizes to match your DoggieLawn
  • Includes 20 zip ties for secure placement
Anti-Dig Kit

Silicone Lawn Tray

DoggieLawn also sells silicone trays for when you want additional trays that are more portable and easy to clean! The trays come in three different colors and are great for trips.

What You’ll Love About It:

The standard silicone tray is the perfect accessory for your DoggieLawn. It holds your dog’s potty grass in place and contains loose material – plus it’s easy to clean and convenient for when you’re on the go with your pet! If you and your dog are travel enthusiasts, keep an extra tray in your car or apartment so it’s ready for a fresh grass patch any time.


  • Internal dimensions – 24 x 15.5 x 1.5 inches
  • External dimensions – 25 x 16.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Available colors – Blush, White, and Gray
  • Washable, durable, and reusable
Standard Silicone Tray

dex with his laptop and phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DoggieLawn Smell?

No. The grass does an excellent job of soaking up pet urine and neutralizing odors for up to three weeks, but the brand recommends replacing the patch if you start to notice a musty urine odor.

It still depends on how heavily your pet uses it, and potties should be cleaned up immediately to preserve the patch.

DoggieLawn vs. Fresh Patch: Which Is Better?

I honestly believe that DoggieLawn offers more value for money than Fresh Patch. I’ve also read similar reviews echoing this sentiment.

The quality is similar, but DoggieLawn’s subscriptions are more affordable, the patches are bigger, and the free tray is a bonus.

What Is DoggieLawn Made Of?

DoggieLawn is made of real grass, sustainably grown, and locally sourced. The brand offers two types of grass you can choose from, depending on your location.

What Type Of Grass Is DoggieLawn?

There are two types of grass used in doggie lawns, the West Coast hydroponic variety that is soil-less and grown on water, and the Eastern and Central varieties made of locally-grown grass.


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