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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review: Best for Emergencies

Overall Rating : 3 / 5

  • Name of Insurance Provider Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
  • Year of Establishment 2009
  • Key Features A- rating from BBB, easy claims
  • Coverage Limits No Coverage Limit
  • Waiting Period 15 Days
  • Website
  • Phone Number855-898-8991


All You Need to Know

Important :The founders also run a non-profit foundation. Through their Every Quote Gives Hope medical grant program, they provide financial aid to several animal shelters, helping homeless animals and rescued pets.


  • Unlimited payout limits
  • Hassle-free claim process and a host of  annual benefits
  • Available at any licensed vet or clinic, nationwide
  • No need to fill any claim form


  • No wellness plan on offer
  • No coverage for vet examination fees
  • Limited policy options with expensive premiums, especially for older pets

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers comprehensive, and value-for-money insurance plans for emergency pet care. But, they have very few policies on offer that are also on the more expensive side of the scale than other service providers in the market.

Established in 2009, the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation was co-founded by Rob Jackson and Steve Siadek. Since then, it has been providing some of the best medical care to dogs and cats.

What Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cover?

Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance cover vaccines?? We have prepared a list of some of the things covered by Healthy Paws:

  • Illnesses
  • Accidents
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Congenital Conditions
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Alternative Care and Medication
  • Cancer Treatment

Vaccines, unfortunately, are not covered under Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.


  • TreatmentIncluded in Plan?
  • AccidentsYes
  • Exam feesNo
  • Chronic ConditionsYes
  • Pre-existing conditionsNo
  • Hereditary ConditionsYes
  • Prescription MedicationsYes
  • VaccinationNo
  • Behavioral treatment No
  • HospitalizationYes
  • X-Rays, Blood Tests, UltrasoundsYes
  • Grooming No
  • EmergenciesYes
  • Diagnostic TreatmentYes


What’s Included?

As the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance review mention, the plan covers veterinary care. Besides preventive care and wellness plans, it covers every other medical expenditure except vaccinations.



What’s Not Included?

Here is a list of exclusions and limitations that Healthy Paws Pet Insurance follows:

  • Exam fees
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Behavioral treatment
  • Grooming, boarding, and other wellness plans
  • Preventive care
  • Diets
  • Supplements


Overview of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Available Plans

Healthy Paws offers a single plan that covers accidents and illnesses that your pet may endure. Pet owners can enjoy a personalized pet insurance quote, which includes their reimbursement rates and the monthly policy price.

Do Healthy Paws increase rates if the cost of veterinary care changes? Yes, there is a high possibility of a change in rates of insurance policies. You should expect an annual increase based on the location, vet costs, and more.

Plan Pricing

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance cost is affordable and can easily fit any budget. Everyone is quoted a customized price keeping in mind certain factors like the breed of the pet, their age, their location, and more.

Does Healthy Paws have a AAA discount? Yes, it does. All AAA members enjoy a lifetime discount of 10%.

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Pre Existing Conditions

The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance does not provide coverage for your pet’s pre-existing conditions.


Coverage Limits

Healthy Paws doesn’t offer any coverage limits. The insurance can be used for an unlimited period of time.



When filing for a claim, you can submit it online through the Healthy Paws mobile application, or on their official website. You’ll receive the reimbursement within two days. It’s fast and easy!


waiting period of healthy paws pet insurance

Waiting Period

The Healthy Paws Pet Insurance policy comes into effect after a waiting period of 15 days.

Terms are slightly different for pets suffering from hip dysplasia. There is a waiting period of 12 months for pets who were enrolled before turning 6 years old.

There is no waiting period issued for pet owners from Maryland and New Hampshire.



Healthy Paws offers one of the most comprehensive, and value-for-money insurance plans available in the market.

It is ideal for those looking for a no-nonsense, easy-to-use plan. The plan is quick, simple, and efficient. It is also one of those policies you’d want with you in times of an emergency.

Make sure to go through Healthy Paws Pet Insurance review before you enroll to enjoy their outstanding customer service. You will soon realize it is worth every penny.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cancellation Policy of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance?

Wondering how do I cancel my Healthy Paws policy? If you’re not enjoying the amenities offered by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, you can cancel the policy. If you are a pet parent/policyholder per the Policy Declarations Page issued by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, you are permitted to do so.

You can submit your cancellation request verbally, through email, or by fax. If you do not file a claim and request for cancellation within the first 30 days of subscription, you will get a full refund. However, this offer is not available to the policyholders of South Carolina and New York.

What Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Not Cover?

It is normal to wonder what is covered under Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and what is not. So before you purchase the policy, remember that the following are not covered under Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:

  • Burial and cremation costs
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Non-medical, cosmetic procedures
  • Preventive care like grooming, vaccinations, etc.
  • Dental care, unless injuries are caused by an accident

Is There a Waiting Period After Enrollment?

Yes, as with any top-rated pet insurance plan, there is a waiting period of 15 days after you enroll in the programs, hence the policy comes into effect after the waiting period is over.

How Do You Use a Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Veterinary Discount?

It is fairly simple and easy to use a healthy paws pet insurance veterinary discount. You can reimburse up to 90% of your bill with the various plans offered by Healthy Paws.

Visit any vet, medical expert, or clinic anywhere in the United States of America. Once the medical procedures and treatments are done, submit a photo of the invoice to Healthy Paws, and then the claim is processed. This usually happens within 2 days, you will get your money back.


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