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Pet Assure Insurance Review: Best Dog Insurance Plan

Overall Rating : 3 / 5

  • Name of Insurance Provider Pet Assure Insurance
  • Year of Establishment 1995
  • Key FeaturesAffordability, covers all pets, rated A+ by BBB
  • Coverage LimitsNo coverage limit
  • Waiting PeriodNo waiting period
  • Phone Number 888-789-7387


All You Need to Know

Important :There is a growing veterinary network of more than 5,600 medical experts who offer a whopping 25% discount on any medical procedure for pets if you have a Pet Assure plan.


  • Pocket-friendly monthly and annual fees
  • Flat 25% off on all medical expenses
  • Easy and fast claim processing
  • 100% money back guarantee within 45 days of purchasing any policy, subject to terms and conditions


  • Only 5,600 vets covered at present
  • No coverage for prescription expenses
  • No coverage for medicine bills

Pet Assure insurance covers all in-house medical expenses for every pet, irrespective of their size, breed, age, and pre-existing medical conditions.
That said, they work with only a limited number of vets and might not cover those in your region.

Founded in 1995 by Jay Bloom, Pet Assure is a discount plan with participating veterinarians in all 50 states of the country. The answer to a commonly asked question, Is Pet Assure accepted everywhere? is an emphatic yes!

What Does Pet Assure Cover?

Pet Assure is a cost-efficient and flexible discount policy and it covers all in-house medical expenses for every pet, irrespective of their size, breed, age, and pre-existing medical conditions.

overview of Pet Assure

Available Plans

Pet Assure offers four different plans:

  • Plan for a single cat or a small animal
  • Plan for a single dog or a large animal
  • A family plan that covers up to four animals of any size and breed
  • An unlimited plan for every household pet


Plan Pricing

Are you wondering, how much does Pet Assure cost?

Here’s the monthly and annual price for each plan:


  • For a single cat or a small animal.$9.95$79.00
  • For a single dog or a large animal.$11.95$99.90
  • Family Plan. $16.95$149.00
  • Unlimited Plan.$21.95$199.00


What’s Included?

Does Pet Assure cover emergencies? It does.

Alongside emergencies, some of the other medical procedures for which you can get a 25% discount by using your Pet Assure Card include:

  • Managing diabetes
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Dental treatments
  • Pre-existing allergies
  • Hereditary diseases
  • Surgical procedures


What’s Not Included?

There are several non-medical services like grooming, pet boarding and daycare that are not included with Pet Assure.

Does Pet Assure cover prescriptions? It doesn’t.

Does Pet Assure cover medications? It doesn’t.

But, if you compare Pet Assure with its competitors, it comes with a ton of benefits including no payout limits to claims, which makes it vastly more affordable.



  • Treatment Included in Plan?
  • Exam Fees No
  • SurgeriesYes
  • HospitalizationYes
  • VaccinationsNo
  • Prescriptive MedicationYes
  • Parasite ScreeningsYes
  • Allergy TreatmentsYes
  • Spay/neuter surgery No
  • Cancer Care Yes
  • Dental CareYes
  • Ultrasound Yes
  • GroomingNo
  • Breeding No


Pre-Existing Conditions

Pet Assure not only covers pre-existing conditions but also offers a 25% off on your entire bill despite your pet’s pre-existing conditions.

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Coverage Limits

Since it is not an insurance policy, Pet Assure includes no coverage limits.



Based on the Pet Assure Insurance review, it is a discount-based program and not an insurance plan, you do not need to fill out any claim forms to use their services.


waiting period

Waiting Period

Unlike most pet insurance plans that come with a 10 to 14 day waiting period, there is no waiting period with Pet Assure. You can start using your Pet Assure ID card immediately after signing up.



If you’re looking for an affordable plan then Pet Assure is a great option. It’s also flexible with no waiting period. Plus, Pet Assure covers all types of pets.

However, we strongly recommend that you do your own research, go through Pet Assure insurance review, and make an informed decision by assessing risks and collecting all the relevant information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Pet Assure work?

Pet Assure is a veterinary discount plan that offers a flat 25% off on all the medical procedures for pets. Unlike most pet insurance plans, there are no restrictions posed by Pet Assure, and animals of any age, breed, and pre-existing medical conditions are welcome to join the program.

Pet owners can use their Pet Assure coverage plan multiple times. Once you sign up for their program, you’ll get a 25% discount on total costs, and their monthly premium plans are extremely affordable.

Is There a Waiting Period After Enrollment?

No, there is no waiting period after signing up for Pet Assure and you can immediately start using their services. You can create a login ID on Pet Assure website. Once you log in, you can take a print-out of your login card. Or, you can download the Pet Assure app and access your login card from that portal. Another great aspect of using Pet Assure is that you can start using their services immediately and don’t have to wait.

What Does Pet Assure Not Cover?

The discounts offered by Pet Assure cannot be applied to non-medical services that include grooming, boarding, and various other outsourced services. It also doesn’t cover prescription food and medication.

What Is The Cancellation Policy of Pet Assure?

If you are not satisfied with Pet Assure, you can reach out to their team within 45 days from the day of enrolment and ask for a complete refund.

How Do You Use a Pet Assure Veterinary Discount?

You can use Pet Assure veterinary discount with participating veterinarians (there are 5,600 in total in the States). When asked to pay for your pet’s medical bills, all you need to do is show your Pet Assure card to the hospital staff and get a flat 25% discount on the total bill. Really, it’s that simple!


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