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Taste-Testing the Performance Formula: A Wild Earth Dog Food Review

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When Wild Earth launched a new and improved version of their Complete Protein Dog Food – the Performance Formula in a Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor, I (technically Dex) had to give it a shot.

After carefully comparing the newly launched formula with the previous one, here’s what I concluded –

The Performance Formula is not just clean but also a green and healthier alternative to traditional kibble.

And from the way Dex was licking his bowl, it seems to be delicious too. But is there more to Wild Earth’s Performance Formula?

Let’s find out.

Wild Earth Performance Formulaimage

Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor


Health Benefits

The Verdict

It was love at first whiff. And Dex was also licking his bowl clean in a matter of minutes, apparently enjoying the veggie chicken kabob flavor.

The new formula does not disappoint composition-wise either. Performance Formula is almost identical to Complete Protein dog food. It also meets AAFCO’s standards for pet feed.

And that’s not all. The food is fortified with pre and probiotics to help with digestion and gut health in dogs. That’s a win. It is also made using plant-based ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices.

So, is Wild Earth Performance Formula Safe For All Dogs To Eat?

We (Dex & I) say Aye!

Product Summary
  • Product Name

    Wild Earth Performance Formula

  • Flavor

    Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor

  • USP

    Vegan Formula with Non-animal Protein

  • Type of Dog Food

    Commercial Kibble

  • Price

    $39 (4lb)

    $99 (18lb)
    – Save 30% on first purchase and 5% on repeat deliveries with a subscription

  • Pros

    – Premium quality plant-based formula
    – Good for dogs with poultry allergies
    – Free Shipping
    – Flexible delivery plans

  • Cons

    – Only one flavor
    – Considerably expensive than meat-based kibble

  • Calorie Count

    – 346 kcal/cup

    – 3,435 kcal/kg

Why Should You Trust Us?

Why Should You Trust Us?

  • 1
    Expert Taster
    Dex has enjoyed 2 meals every day for 30 days.
  • 0
    Paid Reviews
    Dog food trials are voluntary efforts.
  • 2
    Noticeable Improvements
    Dex’s energy level and digestion improved.

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dex eating dog food

Wild Earth Performance Formula is specially designed for healthy adult dogs with moderate to high activity levels.

It is a clean, plant-based kibble and hence considered safe for dogs. Several of the ingredients in Performance Formula are not traditionally a part of a dog’s diet.

And that is what makes Wild Earth special – unique ingredients that positively impact your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Wild Earth is indeed one of the most conscious and high-performing vegan dog food brands out there, consistently delivering on its promise of providing nutritious and sustainable dog food.

If you want to put your pet on a vegan diet, consider the Performance Formula for its nutritional benefits and Wild Earth for its sustainable practices.

The Hits & Misses

Although vegan dog foods have started gaining popularity of late, here’s the thing: Wild Earth’s Performance Formula comes with its own share of pros and cons.

Let’s take a look.

What Works

  • Nutritionally complete, high protein dog food with high-quality ingredients.
  • Includes Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, prebiotics, dietary fiber, and Algae DHA
  • Has an irresistible chicken kabob flavor with a meaty taste that most dogs love.
  • No fillers or additives including hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives.
  • No animal ingredients and no corn, soy, or rice.
  • Sustainable with a much lower carbon footprint than industries developing meat-based dog foods.

What Doesn’t Work

  • No grain-free options.
  • Some ingredients are not organic.
  • More expensive than traditional and other premium variety kibbles.
  • Shipping is currently only available in the US.
  • Only available in two sizes: 4 lb and 18 lb.

As you can see, the pros outnumber the cons by a considerable margin. So, is Wild Earth vegan dog food the best choice for your pet?

Let’s find out more in this Wild Earth Dog Food review before we draw any conclusions.

Breaking Down The Ingredient List

I drew up this chart to give you a sneak peek at everything that goes into the Performance Formula Dog Food.

breaking down the ingredient list

Since Wild Earth is vegan, it uses only plant-based ingredients in its pet food formulation. That does not mean their kibble lacks essential nutrients.

From protein to carbs, vitamins, and minerals – Wild Earth dog food ingredients are wholesome and nutritious.


dog lifting weights

I love that Wild Earth uses dried yeast. It is a “complete” protein source and contains all the essential amino acids your dog needs to stay healthy.

It also helps in immunity building, is rich in antioxidants, and even supports cognitive wellbeing in dogs.

Dried yeast can cause gastrointestinal issues like flatulence in some dogs, especially when taken over a long period.

Taking the protein quotient a step further, the brand supplements dried yeast with potato protein complex – similar in properties to dried yeast and therefore good for your dog.

In addition, potato protein in combination with taurine (which the dog food also contains) provides Essential Amino Acids (EAA) to your pet.

I discovered that potato protein is not just nutritious, it is also easily soluble. Therefore, dogs can absorb nutritional benefits from it faster than other plant-based sources. It is also non-allergenic.


dog with grains

I’d like to mention that I am particularly delighted by the addition of barley, millet, and sorghum.

I have previously seen such ingredients in products like the Taste of the Wild Dog Food, and I’m glad to see Wild Earth adding them in the Performance Formula too.

Barley is a natural laxative – it is choc full of dietary fiber and great for dogs with constipation.

Millet provides plenty of healthy carbs and a hefty dose of riboflavin to dogs. Sorghum helps keep their blood sugar in control and is also gluten-free.

This combination of oats, barley, millet, and sorghum makes the Performance Formula suitable even for dogs with food allergies.

Fruits and Vegetables

dog with fruits and vegetables

That Wild Earth uses the choicest selection of dog-safe fruits and vegetables in its kibble is also commendable.

Not convinced?

Microalgae is a great source of “green protein”, and recent studies reveal that it can maintain the highly sensitive gastrointestinal environment of dogs. Microalgae can keep your dog in the pink of its health.

Blueberries contain resveratrol that fight free radicals, helping prevent or at least delay the onset of cancer.

Cranberries can arrest the infestation of UTI-causing bacteria like E.coli.

Pumpkins help improve digestion, and are rich in beta-carotene, iron, and zinc.

Spinach in small amounts provides roughage that helps with the bowel movements of constipated dogs.

Sweet potatoes improve eye health, give your dog strong muscles, and a gorgeous coat.

These low-calorie, fiber-rich, and nutrient-dense green ingredients help keep your dog’s weight in check, add shine to its coat, and improve its heart health.

dex loving the dog food

Additional Ingredients

Nutrients Folic Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Inulin (from chicory root), Potassium Chloride, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Fructooligosaccharide, Salt, L-Carnitine, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyroxidine Hydrochloride, Calcium Iodate
Supplements Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin
Miscellaneous Ingredients Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Marine Microalgae, Rosemary Extract, Tocopherols (preservative), Flaxseed Meal, Natural Flavors

Disclaimer: Before switching dog food companies, please consult your vet for any food allergies that may be unique to your dog.

The Price Factor

dog with money

How does Wild Earth’s Performance Formula compare to other dog food brands in the market in terms of cost?

Without a doubt, this vegan dog food is more expensive than traditional kibble which is priced at only $1.97/lb on an average.

But that’s hardly surprising – a vegan dog formula with lab-grown ingredients is expected to be on the higher side of the price scale.

Yet, you’d be surprised to know that Wild Earth costs even more than high-end specialty diet dog food like Royal Canin Vet Diet, for example.

The former costs between $5.5-9.75/lb while the latter will set you off by only $3.58/lb.

Pretty stark if you ask me.

But, to be fair to the brand, given that Performance Formula Dog Food is a nutritionally balanced and completely vegan formula, I think it’s a decent price to pay.

On the brighter side, you can avail a 30% discount on MRP if you subscribe to Wild Earth on their website along with free shipping in the US.

I’d say Wild Earth goes the distance to ensure your pet has a balanced and nutritious meal.

How Much Performance Formula Is Good For Your Dog?

You can also refer to this easy-to-follow chart I drew up based on Wild Earth’s recommendations.

wild earth dog food - chart

If you generally supplement your dog’s meals with vegetables and fruits, you might need to reduce the portion size of the kibble by a bit.

But remember that the Performance Formula already includes many plant-based ingredients. So you might want to cut back on the extras.

But what dog is the Performance Formula good for?

Keep reading this comprehensive Wild Earth dog food review.

Which Dog is the New and Revamped Wild Earth Dog Food Formula Good For?

info- best for which dogs
  • Healthy adult dogs of any breed with normal to high activity levels and no underlying illnesses
  • Dogs that experience or have suddenly developed allergy to animal-based protein, dairy, and gluten
  • Dogs with difficulty in fully absorbing nutrition from their food
  • Dogs with dull, unhealthy fur or digestive complications

Please note, any dietary changes must always be approved by your dog’s vet. It is not safe to experiment with your dog’s diet just to keep up with the trends.

What Pet Parents Are Saying About Wild Earth

  • Nelida B.

    As seen on Wild Earth
    Buddy had been on Wild Earth now for 2 months and he loves it! His coat
    is shiny and bright. His bowels are better. And his itching and allergies have gone away. I would recommend Wild Earth to everyone who has a dog with food and skin allergies. It has truly been a big difference for Buddy!

  • Nadine T.

    As seen on Wild Earth
    Pookie loves her food from Wild Earth! She eats a mostly vegan diet including Wild Earth combined with fresh food that I prepare containing steamed and roasted vegetables like zucchini and butternut squash. She’s a happy dog with great energy and a beautiful coat.

  • Richard T.

    As seen on Wild Earth
    This product is great for dogs with allergies. My dog Bella developed a late-in-life allergy to poultry. Most kibble has some chicken product in it. I switched her entire diet and added Wild Earth to eliminate all poultry. She loves it, the itching has stopped, and she licks her bowl clean every meal.

curious dex

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wild Earth Dog Food Made in China?

No, Wild Earth dog food and treats are made in the company’s manufacturing facility in the USA.

Dried yeast, the brand’s chief source of protein is sourced from the midwest. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are mostly sourced from Latin America and Europe.

What is Wild Earth’s Shipping and Return Policy?

Wild Earth ships its orders within three to eight days from the date of placing the order within the US. Shipping is free.

Currently, the brand does not ship its products overseas but expansion plans are on the charts.

dog licking the bone

Can Wild Earth Dog Food be Combined With Homemade Food?

Since it is already sourced from natural ingredients, you can use dog-safe fruits and veggies as a meal topper with Wild Earth dog food.

But please be extra cautious of what you add to it since this pet food already contains ingredients rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

I’d recommend supplementing this dog food with treats from the same brand as a safer choice.

Is Wild Earth Dog Food FDA Approved?

Wild Earth Performance Formula Dog Food meets AAFCO guidelines. Dex and I did a lot of digging to understand if it was FDA approved but were not able to get the details.

dex eating

How Many Flavors are Available in the Performance Formula?

Wild Earth Performance Formula comes in 1 flavor currently which is a Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor.

What is the Shelf Life of Wild Earth Dog Food?

Wild Earth dog food has a standard shelf life of 18 months.

dog lying on the floor

About The Brand

Wild Earth is a biotechnology company founded by Ryan Bethencourt and Abril Estrada in 2017.

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, the brand gained popularity as a vegan dog food brand specializing in premium dog food.

Wild Earth’s mission was to develop clean, protein-rich pet foods that are not just healthy, but more humane than traditional meat-based pet food and also better for the environment.

The brand had its moment of fame when it was featured on Shark Tank, receiving a large investment from Mark Cuban, one of the “sharks” on the show. There’s been no looking back since.

A September 2021 news report further stated that the brand had additionally secured a $23 million investment from a high-profile team that included Cuban, vegan actor Paul Welsey and other investment firms.

Cuban also agreed to act as mentor to the brand as it prepared to take on the market.

Exploring Wild Earth’s Product Line

Wild Earth offers a whole range of vegan kibbles, treats, and supplements for what they call “evolved” dogs. And I’m mighty impressed with what they have to offer.
wild earth - maintenance formula dog food

Maintenance Formula Dog Food

Available in two delectable flavors: Classic Roast and Golden Rotisserie, the Maintenance Formula is designed for dogs with low to moderate activity levels.

It has 23% crude protein sourced from lab-grown yeast and potatoes – just like the Performance Formula. But it replaces oats with brown rice as the primary source of carbohydrates.

In addition, the Core Formula also has fewer fruits and vegetables compared to the Performance Formula.

However, it does have turmeric and black pepper – two exceptionally helpful spices with multiple health benefits. Turmeric has anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can help aging dogs. Black pepper extract, in trace amounts, can trigger better absorption of nutrients in their body.

Both flavors are available in two sizes:

  • A small 12.5lb bag priced at $69 ($48 on subscription)
  • A large 28lb bag priced at $125 ($87.50 on subscription)

The best part is that Core Formula comes in two flavors: that’s a win over the single flavor of the Performance Formula.

I will publish a detailed review of the Maintenance Formula soon. Until then, I would consider the Core Formula to be a good addition to Wild Earth’s vegan range.
wild earth - koji dog treats


Arguably, Wild Earth is the first dog food brand in the US to add lab-cultured koji to its dog treats. Koji is protein dense, has a delectable flavor, and offers multiple health benefits to dogs, as I discussed earlier.

Wild Earth Dog Treats are also packed with amino acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, and are considerably low on the calorie scale, at 15 calories per treat.

Best of all, the brand offers a much needed variety with its treats.

You can take your pick from the following flavors:

And I bet these flavor combinations are as delicious as they sound.

Given that Dex is partial to peanut butter, I decided to crumble some of Wild Earth’s peanut butter treats as a meal topper for the kibble and sure enough it was a hit with him. Dex literally gobbled up his food and even licked his bowl clean.

I would definitely recommend pairing Wild Earth Performance Formula Dog Food with the brand’s koji-charged treats.

supplements for dogs


Wild Earth also makes three types of health supplements for dogs. These include
supplements for:

All these supplements are soft chews and come in peanut butter flavor. The brand also gives you a feeding chart that tells you how many supplements your dog should be given and how often for deriving optimal benefits.

Although I haven’t yet given Dex any of these supplements, I did check them out and they have amazing reviews. Going by the brand’s performance so far, I am sure the supplements won’t disappoint either.


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