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Progressive Pet Insurance Review: Best Value for Money


Looking for a stable, comprehensive, and affordable pet insurance plan that helps in cases of dire pet emergencies? 

Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best is an insurer you can explore. Is Progressive pet insurance worth it? Read our extensive Progressive Pet Insurance Review to get a glimpse into what they offer before making your call. 

logo of Progressive Pet Insurance
Name of Insurance ProviderProgressive Pet Insurance
Year of Establishment1937
Key FeaturesBudget-friendly,
Coverage Limits$5000
Waiting Period14 Days
Phone Number855-347-3939


Progressive Pet Insurance was founded in 1937 with the commitment to provide impeccable service to pet owners in the USA and Canada. Tricia Griffith, President & Chief Executive Officer says, “Progressive people and our culture are collectively our most powerful source of competitive advantage.” True to her words, Progressive Pet Insurance believes in providing ethical, efficient, and compassionate service to its customers. That, along with its pocket-friendly, customizable plans makes it a good pet insurance to consider. 

Progressive Pet Insurance has been growing their network by providing transparent, fast, and comprehensive insurance services to cat and dog parents all across the states. 

overview of Progressive Pet Insurance review


Is pet Progressive insurance the best? Take a look at the following advantages it offers to understand why Progressive Pet Insurance works: 

  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: The price of policy plans offered by Progressive Pet Insurance starts from as low as a dollar a day. No matter what your budget, there is something in store for everyone. 
  • SINGLE DEDUCTIBLE: No matter which plan you choose, you only have to pay a single deductible annually. This saves you time, effort and money. 
  • MULTIPLE PAYMENT PLANS: You have the freedom to choose when you pay the premium. They offer monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans. 
  • UNLIMITED PLANS: If you wish to, you can have a no limit accidents and illnesses policy under the BestBenefit plan. 
  • MULTIPLE POLICIES: They offer a total of 4 insurance policies. You have the option of choosing accident-only plans. You can add further benefits like essential plans and wellness plans per your requirements. 
  • FAST PROCESSING: Progressive Pet Insurance assures super fast processing of  claims with reimbursements deposited directly in your bank. 
  • NO UPPER AGE LIMIT: You can enroll your dogs and cats in any of their accidents and illnesses policies irrespective of their age. 
  • OPTIONAL COVERAGE: If you wish to, you can also add exam fee coverage of any accident or illness related treatment your pet is going through. 
  • DISCOUNTS: You can avail of a pool of attractive discounts and offers. If you enroll multiple pets, you get to enjoy a massive off on the premiums. 
  • DIRECT PAYMENT: You are only expected to pay the coinsurance as the amount is reimbursed directly to the veterinarians. 


Like every other insurer, Progressive Pet Insurance could do better in the following areas: 

  • BEHAVIORAL TREATMENT: In spite of having customizable plans, no package includes the option of covering the costs of behavioral treatment done for pets. 
  • ANNUAL LIMITS: Progressive Pet Insurance has only two options available for annual limits. You can get up to $5,000, or unlimited coverage. 

What Does Progressive Pet Insurance Cover?

Progressive Pet Insurance covers costs incurred by common accidents, illnesses, emergency care, diagnostic testing, specialist visits, preventive care, vaccinations, spaying/neutering surgeries. 

One of the best things about Progressive Pet Insurance is that you can customize the plan according to your budget and your pet’s needs. Most of the costs that arise with your routine vet visits will also be covered by one of the four Progressive Pet Insurance policy plans. 

Besides, you can always add two optional plans offered by Progressive Pet Insurance — Essential Wellness Plan and Best Wellness Plan. 

TreatmentsIncluded in Plan?
Diagnostic TestsYes
Dental CareYes
Cremation and burial costsNo
Spaying/neutering costs Yes
Behavioral treatmentNo
Exam FeesYes
Preventive careYes
Flea/tick preventionYes

What’s Included?

As the Progressive Pet Insurance Review mention, the two optional plans offered by by them include the following: 

  • Illnesses
  • Accidents
  • Preventive care
  • Vaccinations
  • Examination costs
  • Dental health checkups
  • Spaying/neutering costs 
  • Diagnostic tests

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What’s Not Included?

Does Progressive pet insurance cover prescription dog food? It does not. Progressive Pet insurance, like most pet insurance companies, does not cover the costs of pre-existing conditions. Holistic therapies, food and dietary supplements, grooming, boarding, and other non-medical costs are also excluded from its policies. 

Available Plans

Progressive Pet Insurance offers 4 main plans along with 2 optional plans. There’s an Accident Only for accidental injuries, a BestBenefit Plan for both accidents and illnesses, a BestWellness, and an EssentialWellness plan.

Apart from the first one, the other three can be customized according to your preference. 

PlansPricing (Per Month)
Accident Only plan$9
BestBenefit plan$36
EssentialWellness plan$16
BestWellness plan$26

Plan Pricing 

The Accident Only Plan is priced at $6/month for cats and $9/month for dogs. The BestBenefit comprehensive plans start at $21/month and $36/month for cats and dogs respectively. 

Apart from these two, you can choose their EssentialWellness Plan for $16/month and BestWellness Plan for $26/month. 

All these prices can vary according to the customizations you choose. The monthly rates of the policies offered by Progressive Pet Insurance do not change with your pet’s age.

Pre-existing Conditions

The cost of any pre-existing conditions are not covered by Progressive Pet. This is per standard regulations. 

Coverage Limits 

Very limited coverage limits are available for policyholders to choose from. Only two annual limits are provided by the policy, a limit of $5000, or unlimited. 


Pets Best services all the policies offered by Progressive Pet Insurance. You have to file the claims directly with them.

You can also file them through the Vet Direct Pay service. Under this provision, the vet will be reimbursed directly within 5 days. 

waiting period of Progressive Pet Insurance

Waiting Period 

A waiting period of 3 days is applicable after enrolling for the accidental injuries plan. For illnesses, a waiting period of a maximum of 14 days is applicable. If you have opted for a wellness plan, you can reap its benefits right from the second day of enrolling, without any waiting period. 

However, you can only implement the costs of covering conditions that affect the ligaments after 6 months of enrolling in the policy. 

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The added expense of veterinary bills and pet medical expenses can leave the best of us in a state of distress. But, we all love our pets and would go all the way to help and protect them, wouldn’t we? 

Progressive Pet Insurance Plans, with its budget-friendly policies, helps those who want the very best care for their pets. Progressive Pet Insurance Review explains that they understand the dilemma of pet owners and through their customizable, easy-to-understand, and inexpensive policy plans, fully support them. 

However, since they offer insurance only to cats and dogs – Progressive Pet Insurance isn’t helpful to pet parents who have birds, turtles, or any other pets. Before enrolling, make sure you read the Progressive Pet Insurance Review to learn more about their excellent customer service and plans they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cancellation Policy Of Progressive Pet Insurance?

Not enjoying the policy and looking forward to canceling it? Here is how you can do it: You can either mail a letter to Progressive at 6300 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield Village, OH 44143 a week before you want to cancel the policy. Or, you can call Progressive Pet insurance on 888-416-2003 and put your concerns in front of them. 

What Does Progressive Pet Insurance Not Cover?

Does Progressive pet insurance cover neutering? Only the BestWellness plan offered by it does. Progressive pet insurance also does not cover the following: 

  • Non-veterinary costs
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Cremation and burial costs
  • Behavioral treatment

Is There A Waiting Period After Enrollment?

Yes, the waiting period after enrollment varies from policy to policy. For illnesses, a waiting period of 14 days is applicable but injuries are covered right after 3 days from the enrollment date.

How Do You Use A Progressive Pet Veterinary Discount?

Head over to a licensed vet near you, get the treatment done for your pet, and submit a claim after your visit, Then you will get the money reimbursed. It is as seamless as this to use your Progressive Pet Veterinary Discount. 

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