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Love Snoopy? Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Him

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Charles Schulz created the whimsical world of Peanuts, giving us characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy we cherish and remember till today. In honor of Snoopy’s birthday, let’s revisit this charming Sunday comic to learn unknown facts about the Peanuts gang and their favorite dog.

  • Snoopy is the official safety mascot of NASA
  • His best friend is Woodstock

Last Updated on: Aug 10, 2022

Snoopy’s 47th birthday is here and we cannot keep calm!

We thought it’d be fitting to honor America’s most beloved cartoon dog on our blog. And what better way to do it than digging up little known facts about him?

So, here are things you did not know about Snoopy.

These Snoopy facts will leave you in awe.

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Snoopy with outfit

Snoopy Spends A Lot Of Time Daydreaming

Created in the 1950s by legendary comic strip artist Charles Schulz as a companion to Charlie Brown, our Snoopy is quite cat-like in person!

And he loves a good snooze!

The only thing he loves more than that is daydreaming. A particularly famous strip from January 1980 shows Snoopy lying on his doghouse with thought bubble saying, “I can’t.. I’m thinking about pizza!” #bigmood, right?

Did you know that Snoopy first attempted to sleep on top of his doghouse in December 1958?

Now if you’re wondering why he doesn’t just sleep inside the Snoopy doghouse — that’s because Charles Schulz realized we wouldn’t be able to see him sleep. Let’s face it, that would rob us of his adorable Snoopy flying ace daydreaming!

Writer and dog parent Alex Johnston from Scotland says that Snoopy lying on top of his dog house has a historical significance.

“Snoopy remaining on top of the doghouse also made possible the WW1 fighter ace stories”, he explains.


Snoopy is NASA’s Official Safety Mascot

That’s right!

Since Snoopy is such a popular household character, NASA teamed up with Charles Schulz to create comic strips about their spaceflight safety initiative.

Watching him in space was definitely a very playful way to inspire excitement and interest in America’s space program. We see Snoopy all geared up in his spacesuit, waiting on his doghouse to fly up to the moon.

Did you know NASA’s lunar module was also named ‘Snoopy’? This is because it was built to ‘snoop’ and orbit around the moon on Apollo 11’s landing site.

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Snoopy Cannot Survive Without Charlie

Part of Snoopy’s naughty charm is the fact that he’s very independent, sometimes annoyingly so.

Although Snoopy can be quite selfish and egotistical at times, he simply cannot do without Charlie. Yet, he doesn’t seem to give his human the “love and affection he deserves.”

This back and forth in the relationship between Charlie Brown and Snoopy is all “part of the humor”, said Charles Schulz.

We couldn’t agree more!

Snoopy Has A Bestfriend – Woodstock

Snoopy and Woodstock, the sweet little yellow bird are what we’d now call BFFs (best friends forever, silly)!

And they bond over their mutual love for ice hockey and ice cream.

Snoopy even grew to love Woodstock’s topsy turvy flying. Together, they went on fantastical adventures together. Woodstock was his favorite sidekick, often seen resting on his belly or embraced in a warm hug.

This Character Woodstock was first seen in 1967 but wasn’t named until 1970. And yes, if you think he was named after the iconic 70s summer music festival — you’re right.

Snoopy and Woodstock love to munch on watermelon, share secrets, and play a whole lot with each other.

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Snoopy Was Originally On All Fours

Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz debuted Snoopy on all fours on October 4, 1950. Later, he swapped that version for a carefree Snoopy who went on to conquer hearts all over America.

His anthropomorphic traits are what make Snoopy so unique and loved.

“If you look at Snoopy, you’ll see a side view of Snoopy’s face, but a front view expression, and sometimes you’ll see the black dot on his back and his tail”, says Tom Everhart, the only artist to learn how Charles created the lines within his comic strip.

That’s not all.

There are only two artists that could draw Snoopy the way he’s meant to be.

Apollo 10 Cernan and SnoopyImage: Wikimedia

Snoopy Wanted To Be Everything

Like us, Snoopy had goals, dreams and ambitions. As we say Happy Birthday Snoopy, let’s reminisce about some of his iconic personas. The most notable one was that of the World War 1 Flying Ace.

He imagined himself to be a fierce flying ace on various missions, dressed in his trademark scarf and goggles. The Snoopy Red Baron was also one of his obsessions in his wartime fantasies.

Other than Snoopy flying ace, he also had several personas like a car motor, a shark, a bird, a wolf, a snake, a trapeze artist, a skateboarding champion, and many more!

five Snoopies in a grass

Snoopy Loved Food

We’re all familiar with how Snoopy would sometimes eat more than what he could handle — and had to face the consequences later.

Ice creams, cans of dog food, pizzas and chocolate chip cookies had this heart!

What the fact! Snoopy was based on a real pet dog called ‘Spike’ that Charles Schulz had when he was a teenager. Spike was a black and white dog.

“He had a vocabulary of about 50 words, and he loved to ride in the car. Snoopy waited all day for my dad to come home from the barbershop and on Saturday evenings, just before 9:00, he always put his paws on my dad’s chair to let him know it was time to get the newspapers”, Schulz said about Spike.

Schulz added that Spike would “eat almost anything.” Hmmm, there’s no missing out on the similarities here!

Snoopy holding a flag

Remembering and Celebrating Snoopy

Charismatic as Snoopy is, he’s always had his entourage of admirers who’d indulge in fanfare.

The 1984 New York exhibition “Snoopy: Puttin’ On The Dog” is a case in point.

It had designers dressing Snoopy and his sister Belle in couture! Now that’s fancy!

It may seem bizarre, but Belle and Snoopy donned Oscar De La Renta, Fendi, Gucci, Fabrice, and Issey Miyaki. Tailored to perfection, just for them, the show went down in fashion history as one of the most whimsical and quirky ones!

Talk about being dressed to the (ca)nines!

Did you know Charles Schulz regretted his decision of creating Snoopy’s siblings?

“It’s possible—I think—to make a mistake in the strip and without realizing it, destroy it … I realized it myself a couple of years ago when I began to introduce Snoopy’s brothers and sisters … It destroyed the relationship that Snoopy has with the kids, which is a very strange relationship”, Schulz said in 1987.

floating Snoopy

Snoopy on the Walk of Fame

Because, why should humans have all the fun?

Snoopy found himself in Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame, right next to his creator, Charles Schulz’s star.

The star was added just in time for the release of the Peanuts feature film too!

But that’s not surprising at all, given that Snoopy’s acting career is no joke!

He’s got a feature film and a show on his IMDb profile. The Snoopy Show premiered on AppleTV+ in 2021, and is currently airing Season 2.

What more can we say, except that all hail the wisecracking lazybone Snoopy! We’ll forever love him for his eccentricities.

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