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Teacup Puppy Breeders in California

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Teacup dogs can be great companions to have around if your space doesn’t allow for a medium-sized or large dog. Since they’re so small, teacup puppies are much easier to maintain, groom, and clean after. They don’t need a lot of exercise to stay healthy, either.

Make sure you check for these two things before getting a teacup dog:

  • Breeding practices
  • Health certificates and/or guarantees

Last Updated on: Nov 02, 2023

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Lightweight and adorable, teacups and small dog breeds can be great options for city dwellers looking to bring a pet home. These dogs are compact and relatively low-maintenance, so they’re easy to take anywhere with you.

Make sure you get your future pet from a trustworthy breeder-these breeds can be particularly prone to health problems. If you’re trying to find a teacup puppy breeder in California, we’ve got just the list for you!

Featured Breeder


  • Luxury Teacup and Micro Chihuahua Puppy Breeder
  • Rare and Unique Breed Types and Colors
  • Potty-Trained Puppies

TeacupTails specializes in breeding teacup and micro-size Chihuahua puppies. Their program focuses on breeding unique and rare types of Chihuahuas in a variety of colors. Their pups’ proportions and facial features have received special attention.

They’re your best option if you’re looking for genuine teacup chihuahua puppy breeders in California. They also service multiple locations along the west coast from California to Washington. If you’re situated elsewhere in the country, TeacupTails offers a nationwide delivery service.

They maintain a home-like environment where the puppies get to live with other dogs and humans. They hang out on comfortable beds and couches while watching TV. This gives puppies much-needed early exposure to socialization, making it easier for them to adjust to their new homes.

Future owners can also rest assured that the puppies are getting the best possible nutrition. The breeder prioritizes healthy and natural food to give the pups the best start for a great life ahead. They also share all the details from their research so you can continue feeding your puppy correctly when you bring them home.

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We’re specializing in Teacup & Micro size Chihuahia Puppies focusing on unique types and color, facial features and great proportions. Our puppies are the exquisite rare types everyone wants, but can’t easily find. When it comes to these precious babies, we do not focus on numbers, but quality, beauty and love. We breed because we have a lot of love to give to these precious babies, because we have a passion for perfection, because we want to give you a chance to bring home a tiny bundle of beautiful love and because we are just addicted to hearing:

“Thank you for giving us HAPPINESS”

US Prestigious Miniature Schnauzers

US Prestigious Miniature Schnauzers is a family-run business with seven years of experience breeding teacup, toy, and miniature Schnauzers. They’re an award-winning breeder known for their clean and hygienic indoor/outdoor facility.

They aim to breed the best quality companion/therapy dogs. They’ve built a fantastic climate-controlled facility where puppies can live with their parents. They also get to spend a lot of time outdoors in safe and clean playpens once they start walking.

All newborns (4 to 16 days old) receive early neurological stimulation to ensure long-term health and resistance to disease.

They’re a TellTail certified breeder, and all their adult dogs undergo DNA testing for over 230 conditions. All owners get a lifetime health guarantee-the only condition is that you continue feeding the puppy the same diet and vitamin supplements as the breeder.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Perris, CA

Kika’s Klee Kai

teacup dog breeders - kika’s klee kai

Kika Klee Kai is an award-winning family-oriented breeder of the Alaskan Klee Kai, a miniaturized version of the husky. They run an all-around program that focuses on breeding healthy and socialized Klee Kai puppies with the best temperaments.

All puppies are sent to their forever homes with health guarantees and microchips. They are already dewormed and received the first set of shots. The pups are UKC/AKC registered, and their parents have participated in many show competitions over the years.

Not sure whether you can raise a Klee Kai pup? Check out their website for a detailed guide that will help you prepare to bring one home. They also provide various resources on Klee Kai to help you build the perfect routine for your pup.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Riverside, CA

Top Dog Puppies

Top Dog Puppies boasts over 18 years of experience in breeding and raising dogs. They’re a family-owned business that works with private breeders to help future dog owners find ethically-bred teacup puppy breeds. They’re also a licensed pet store and provide nanny delivery services.

Maltipoo, Shih Tzu, Malshi, Pomeranian-they offer a large variety of teacup breeds you won’t find elsewhere. All pups come with a 1-year health guarantee and the needed vaccinations. They’re also dewormed regularly until they’re adopted.

If you need pay plans for your pup, Top Dog Puppies is the breeder to work with. They’ve partnered with Sweet Pay and Easy Pay Financing, offering $0 down financing options. It is possible to get financing even if you have an average or low credit score; just send in an application.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Fullerton, CA

Moringa Yorkie Terriers

akc breeders of teacup dog - moringa yorkie terriers

Moringa Yorkie Terriers offers pure, champion-bred Yorkshire Terriers in San Diego, CA. They’re a teacup dog breeder with Yorkies in various sizes: tiny teacup, micro teacup, and toy. You’ll also find a large variety of colorful Yorkies in blueberry merles, platinum, blond, dark chocolate, and more.

Their puppies enjoy a family-home-oriented environment and are well-socialized in their early weeks. You can rest assured about the quality of pups, too, as they provide DNA certificates and registrations from AKC, CKC, and APRI.

As their name implies, this breeder raises all pups on a wholesome organic diet of superfood Moringa, medicinal herbs, and vegetables. Pet owners who want to continue feeding their dogs the same diet can easily find their products on their online store.

The best part is they ship pups to all U.S. states and Canada, accompanied by an experienced nanny, to ensure your puppy is safe and healthy when they arrive.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Southern CA

Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles

Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles is the go-to AKC breeder of teacup dog breeds. They’re a premier Moyen/Klein red and apricot poodle breeder with 60 years of experience.

All puppies and their parents live on a California ranch where they enjoy plenty of open space and can get some early socialization. They microchip the puppies and give them a veterinary check. Pups also come with a 2-year health guarantee for genetic problems.

They offer various poodle sizes, all bred from at least five generations of AKC red champions bloodlines. All sires undergo DNA and genetic testing.

They only provide a nanny shipping service at present.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Central Coast, CA


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