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Pet Parent to a Yorkie? Here are the Top 10 things you would relate to!

At A Glance

Yorkshire Terriers are smart, sassy, and boujie. Every day is a new adventure with them! This National Yorkie Day, let’s raise a toast to the Yorkies of the world because life would be so boring had it not been for their never-ending antics.

  • Be it the drama, the cat-like reflexes, or the attitude — Yorkies don’t refrain from expressing themselves.
  • Yorkies also make excellent fashionistas, given their obsession with all things material and fun!

Last Updated on: Aug 01, 2022

Many dog parents can swear by the fact that owning a Yorkshire Terrier is like having a full time job.

That cute as a button face could be misleading, Yorkies are as high maintenance as it gets. They will make you feel like you’re managing an A-list celebrity!

Whether it’s the constant yapping, the demand for attention or the fact that their own shadows can scare them — these are a few of the things only yorkie owners will understand.

Let’s get into what makes a yorkie unique and adorable.

custom oil-painted dog portraits by Poshtraits

Adorable Yorkies With Fashionable Red Bows

The Fashionable Divas

Yorkies love, love, love to be dressed up!

These stylish pups will have you surfing the web late at night for dog clothes. Whether it’s little dresses with frills or doggy jumpers, Yorkies are a stylish toy dog known to rock any outfit.

However, it’s important to know that dressing a Yorkie is not all about fashion — but also function. Since they’re toy dogs, they can feel cold much more than other larger breeds. They only have a single coat of fur!

They’re more prone to shivering and feeling the bite of the cold because of their size, even in an environment that might seem warm to us. This is yet another reason why Yorkies enjoy wearing clothes – they’re just more comfortable with the extra layer!

things only yorkie owners understand - tweet 1

The Accessory Hoarders

If you think that caring for a yorkie ends at buying them clothes – think again. They enjoy getting trendy haircuts, and their silky locks are perfect for cute little bows.

There’s something about a Yorkie in a bow that just feels right.

Bows are also great for keeping their soft floppy hair out of their eyes.

The A-lister Attitude

Why do people like yorkies so much?

These dogs are charming, happy, and behave in the most amusing ways.

Not only are they courageous and independent, they’re also one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs out there.

“It’s like having a toddler who is a lot smarter than the average toddler“, says Kay Langford, a Yorkie parent from France.

We think that this intelligence is what explains their bizzare attitudes and high maintenance lifestyle. Failing to understand their size, they’re known to bark up a storm and intimidate even bigger dogs who dare to cross their paths.

As for their attitude, Yorkie owners slowly realize that sooner or later, the entire house is going to be taken over by this tiny little pup. You’re going to have to carry them around – even if it’s just up the stairs. Your bed? That isn’t yours anymore — it belongs to your Yorkie, who might share with you if you play nice.

Somehow, being the center of attention and getting carried around is important to Yorkie survival. Perhaps this is why the Yorkie still loves to be paraded around in purses, and barks constantly at anything that moves.


The Cat-Like Reflexes

These dogs were bred to capture and hunt small prey. So, Yorkies move fast and have cat-like reflexes. They’re light on their feet, and can pick up the faintest of sounds.

Even though they are very independent, they are prone to shyness. Some Yorkies can be very introverted and scare easily — just like a cat would!

What the Fact!
Yorkies were originally bred to hunt and kill smaller prey like rats and vermin that lived in mines or mill buildings! Their tiny stature and tenacious nature also made them perfect for hunters to carry around in their pockets and use them to hunt animals like foxes and badgers.

Cute Yorkie Running On The Grass

The Constant Yapping

Yapping is almost synonymous with Yorkies.

Every Yorkie owner is painfully aware of their pup’s shrieks and yaps, even at the oddest hours. Sometimes yorkies can just bark for attention, but other times their yapping is a way of communication.

If their yaps are deep and low — it means they could be sensing danger in their environment. That danger could be anything – from the vacuum cleaner to a strange bird at the window.

If yorkies are barking in a high pitched tone — they want attention, and they want it now! Chances are they want to be picked up and loved.

Their excessive barking can be annoying to most, but there are ways to control it with training!

Yorkie Watching In His Owner's Phone

The Material Obsession

This is another quirk that yorkies share with their feline friends — they love their toys!

They are known to be territorial and can intimidate even you — if you’re in the way of their favorite toy.

Yorkies are materialistic creatures, and love to protect their toys.

Heck, they can even turn a household item like a box into a toy. How they can find ways to constantly engage themselves, and play for hours is one of the things only yorkie owners will understand.

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The Drama

One important Yorkshire terrier thing to know is that this breed often shows aggression and has frequent outbursts. Maybe it’s because they sleep for the majority of the day, they actually have the energy to yap and cause a scene.

When Yorkies have a meltdown they are known to bark and yap constantly, growling and even nipping at their owner or members in the family. Running around in circles and zooming from one end of the house to the other is also common.

Using treats and positive reinforcement always helps with dealing with this kind of behavior!

More often than not, they’ve just been hardwired to be loud, bold, and ask for attention.

Cute Yorkie Dog On The Grass

The Fear

Yorkies are small creatures, and can display signs of fear around unknown people.

Imagine how large a person might look from their point of view — it’s understandable why these pups can shiver and shake when scared.

Their fear can also stem from separation anxiety.

While most breeds are known to feel blue or down when their humans are away — this is especially true for Yorkshire Terriers.

They can feel extremely isolated and alone without their humans.

“You must commit to grooming and daily walks with your dog. My biggest yorkie loves to snuggle but the 2 pounder is not a snuggler. She is always beside me in my recliner and follows me everywhere-definitely a mommy’s girl,” says Sarah Tait, from Warner Robins, GA.

owner holding dog

The Lapping

Being pampered and loved is the main priority for any Yorkie.

They enjoy being cradled and cuddled.

If you’re a Yorkie owner, you might cherish lap time and cuddling the most — since it’s one of the rare occasions when they are quiet and at peace.

Curl up with your little pup on a cold day. Enjoy each other’s warmth.

Cute Yorkie Puppy Sleeping On The Bed

The Sleeping

Yorkies enjoy a good snooze — whether it’s on your king size bed or in the comfort of your lap. All yorkie owners would vouch for how much their pet loves sleeping!

things only yorkie owners understand - tweet 3

The Fame

One of the things only yorkie owners will understand is how popular they are.

If you’re walking your pup or carrying them around in your purse — you know you will be stopped by a stranger begging to pet your yorkie.

Yorkie’s small toy size is known to win the affection of even the most stoic personalities out there. Many celebrities like Tom Brady, Whitney Houston and Kevin Jonas have Yorkies as pets because of their undeniably lovable nature.

Anne Agard from Oakland, CA explains, “They are active, independent, not necessarily easy to train. However, they are playful, attached, and lots of fun.”

Fluffy Yorkie With A Hanging Tongue

The Hanging Tongue

If you’re a yorkie owner, you’re definitely familiar with the adorable little pink tongue hanging out at all times. But did you know that there’s a lot more to this hanging tongue than meets the eye?

The hanging tongue syndrome is a genetic defect that many Yorkies are afflicted with.

It means that they generally don’t have control of their tongues, and they tend to stick out or droop on the of their tongues, and they tend to stick out or droop on the side. Yorkie owners must make sure that their little peeping tongues are not dehydrated.

Their small size means they also have a smaller tongue.

A small tongue means yorkies need to pant more than dogs with standard-sized one to cool off! This is why they tend to stick out their tongues constantly, and flash that trademark Yorkie smile.

Owner Holding Yorkie Dof

If you’re a Yorkie owner, chances are you’ve been relating pretty hard to everything mentioned in this article. Remember that you’re not alone when it comes to taming this crazy, albeit cute beast!

So, this National Yorkie Day, celebrate your dog. You know it’s special!

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