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Top Guard Dog Breeds

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Dogs have always been protectors of humans and their properties. However, certain dogs have special capabilities that make them stand out for this task more than the other breeds. Let’s take a quick look at the best guard dog breeds in today’s times.

Let’s take a quick look at the best guard dog breeds in today’s times.

Last Updated on: Jun 06, 2022

Dogs have been guarding humans for centuries. Their loyalty, coupled with intelligence and eagerness to please their humans, make them ideal for this role.

While most dogs have a protective streak, not all are best suited to become guard dogs due to size and varying levels of intelligence.

Despite the advent of CCTV cameras and other high-tech security, humans still prefer a dog guarding their property. But only dogs that possess an advanced sense of strength and obedience are the best guard dogs. Presenting a sneak peek at the top guard dog breeds.

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Bullmastiff running in the park


Bullmastiff has an ideal temperament to be molded into a fine guard dog. This breed is possessive, protective, and loyal.

This dog’s physical toughness, courage, and instincts let it distinguish easily between its family members and intruders.

Your Bullmastiff will make a great household pet. They will be gentle in familiar surroundings and will constantly stick around you. You will have to make special efforts to tame the protective side of a Bullmastiff from day one.

Origin: England

Breed Group: Working dog breeds (AKC), Guard dog breeds (UKC)

Size Type: Large & big dog breeds

Life span: 8 to 10 years

Weight: 110 to 130 pounds

Height: 24 to 27 inches

Exercise: Has high exercise requirements

Doberman Pinscher

Originally bred in 1860 by a German tax collector, Dobermans are one of the finest security dog breeds.

With a sleek and muscular build, this medium-sized dog is useful for several dog sports, military, and police activities. We give bonus points for the breed’s loyalty.

This breed is sensitive, fearless, and responsive to training, also has been declared the fifth smartest breed in the world.

With early socialization and adequate training, they can be groomed into excellent guard dogs.

Origin: Germany

Size: Medium/ large dog breeds

Breed Group: Working dog breeds (AKC)

Life span: 10 to 14 years

Weight: 70 to 100 pounds

Height: 24 to 26 inches

Exercise: 30 to 45 mins daily.

an image of a dog sitting next to a lake


Initially bred by herders, Rottweilers were inducted into the war by Romans.

This breed is committed and intelligent, along with quick grasping skills. The dog has a powerful physique.

They are not welcoming towards strangers. However, once familiar with your surroundings, the dogs become close-knit companions.

A Rottweiler is stern and often self-assured. This may result in the pet being stubborn and overprotective. The breed demands regular exercise, proper training, and socialization.

Origin: Germany

Size: Medium/ large dog breeds

Breed Group: Working dog breeds (AKC)

Life span: 9 to 10 years

Weight: 95 to 135 pounds

Height: 24 to 27 inches

Exercise: 30 to 50 min

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great dane

Great Dane

Renowned as the tallest dogs in the world, Great Danes are excellent pets and guard dogs.

This breed has attractive, attentive, and faithful personalities with the ability to pick up commands quickly.

The dog is a wonderful fighter and can restrain intruders. With great speed and agility, they display quality running abilities.

Your Great Dane is often calm and docile. With adequate training, the canine can put up a protective front and bark at strangers.

Origin: Denmark and Germany

Size: Large dog breeds

Breed Group: Working dog breeds (AKC)

Life span: 8 to 10 years

Weight: 140 to 170 pounds

Height: 28 to 32 inches

Exercise: 50 to 90 mins

an image of a German Shepherd

German Shepherd

This furry breed has made a mark through history by serving in the military or police.

This breed is a well-known American dog with a high work drive and inquisitive demeanor. They are versatile, intelligent and go to great extents in protecting their owners.

This breed comes in various colors. These dogs are swift and agile. They have great potential in being security dogs and follow commands to the utmost perfection.

Origin: Germany

Size: Large dog breeds

Breed Group: Herding dog breeds (AKC)

Life span: 9 to 13 years

Weight: 60 to 90 pounds

Height: 24 to 26 inches

Exercise: 30 to 50 min

An image of boxer


With a large body and head, Boxers are one of the top guard dog breeds. A square muzzle and a tight jaw let them gain enough control over their prey.

This breed can be easily trained and displays great energy and playfulness.

The dog is actively used to guide blind people. In a family setup, the Boxer often adopts a quiet and protective nature, making them ideal pets. They are gentle and intelligent companions of your children. The working breed thrives on an active lifestyle and strenuous exercise.

Origin: Germany

Size: Medium dog breeds

Breed Group: Working dog breeds (AKC), Guard dogs

Life span: 10 to 12 years

Weight: 55 to 75 pounds

Height: 22 to 25 inches

Exercise: extensive exercise routines

dogo argentino is sitting on the grass

Dogo Argentino

A large muscular breed, the Dogo Argentino is the alpha of the pack.

This breed upholds great strength and are bred for hunting the ferocious pumas or wild boars.

The breed is always keen on having their hands full. Whether it’s a hunting expedition or running in open fields, the dog loves being occupied with extensive activities. The pet may get extra protective of its owners.

With systematic training, the aggressive behavior can be toned down when you are introducing your pet to a new family member.

Dogo Argentinos naturally demonstrate a high prey drive and need routined exercise to keep up with their athletic body.

Origin: Argentina

Size: Large dog breeds

Breed Group: Working dog and Guard dog breeds (UKC)

Life span: 10 to 15 years

Weight: 77 to 100 pounds

Height: 24 to 27 inches

Exercise: 45 to 60 mins running

An image of a dog on the hills

Giant Schnauzer

The thick and bushy coat gives Giant Schnauzer a sturdy and robust personality. They are calm and composed and also makes a wonderful family dog.

This breed can easily tackle intruders, but also are the most friendly being with your family and friends.

The breed has enormous courage and resistance to pain. If you are adopting a Giant Schnauzer, ensure that it is the only pet in the house. The dog tends to get territorial and aggressive when encroached in their space.

Origin: Germany

Size: Giant dog breeds

Breed Group: Working dog breeds (AKC), Guardian Dog (UKC)

Life span:12 to 15 years

Weight: 65 to 85 pounds

Height: 18 to 26 inches

Exercise: 45 to 60 min

an image of a dog peeping from the fence

We hope this article will help you decide on which of these guard dog breeds is best for you and your home. Guard dog breeds over the years have shown their immense bravery and unwavering faithfulness.

Also their ability to scare unwanted intruders and yet be gentle around family members is what makes them so endearing.


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