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All about Using Training Dog Collar on Small Dogs

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If done correctly, training a small dog with a collar is achievable. To begin, make certain that you purchase and use a suitable training collar.

It is also critical that the collar fits comfortably around your dog's neck in order for the training to be successful. You may easily teach your little dog in a short amount of time if you keep these ideas in mind.

Last Updated on: May 27, 2022

Training dogs is vital to make sure they are able to manage out there in the real world. They can be hard to manage if you don’t train them appropriately using proper techniques.

Training collars are amazing in training animals and enforcing correct behavior in them. If you have a tiny pooch with you, you might wonder if there are any collars that can be used on them.

Yes, there are quite a few options for training collars for dogs. However, you should keep a few things in mind when you buy one for your small dog and when using it for training.

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Can You Use a Training Collar on a Small Dog?

Training collars can be used on small dogs with no issue, as long as you properly use them. Many brands have collars suitable for dogs as small as 5 lbs.

You might feel reluctant to use a training collar on your little pooch. There is nothing to worry about as you can easily fit a suitable collar around your dog’s neck that will not make it feel heavy.


What to Look for When Buying Training Collars for Small Dogs?

You can’t use any training collar on your small dog. You should look at many factors before you come to a decision.

Out of the many options available in the market, you should first filter the collars that fit your dog. Collars usually fit dogs in a particular weight range which you need to keep an eye on before buying.

Let’s look at a few factors to consider before buying a training collar for your small dog.

Types of Training Collars

There are so many training collars available in the market that you may be confused about which one to buy. A shock collar is excellent for training your small dog if you don’t go overboard on the shock levels. More on that later.

There are also light collars that shine a light to distract your dog when it behaves. Other collar options are vibration and tone, which uses a vibration or sound to warn the dog when it conducts unwanted behavior.

Out of all, Shock collars are excellent for training small dogs that show positive results.

Stimulation Modes and Levels

Training collar stimulation modes include tone, vibration, and static shock. It is better to buy one with customizable training modes, preferably with all three of the above.

You also need to buy a collar with different static stimulation levels as this adjustability is great to customize according to how your dog responds.

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If you plan to train your dog in a large field or outdoor area, you need to go for a collar that has a good range. Collar ranges can vary from a few hundred feet to above 5000 feet.


A small dog could feel the weight of the collar around its neck. It is why you need to consider the collar weight when buying one.

A lightweight collar is ideal for small dogs to wear comfortably during training.

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Water Resistance

The ability to withhold water is also something you need to be mindful of when buying a training collar for your small dog. If you plan to continue training even in a slight drizzle, you need to buy a water-resistant collar.

Some training collars can even be used while your dog is swimming in the pool.


Your small dog does grow, and you need to be able to use the training collar for some time. It means you need a collar that can be adjusted accordingly.

You can also use an adjustable collar on another dog without worrying about it not fitting correctly.

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Tips to Consider When Using Training Collars on Small Dogs

Simply buying a good training collar does not do the job of training your small dog. You should know how to use it correctly while training.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when training your small dog with a collar.

  • Use in Low-intensity levels : Always start with a minimum setting and move further up only if needed.
  • Minimize the use of shock mode : Never use shock mode unless necessary. If you can train using tone or vibration, it is best to stick with these training modes.
  • Don’t use a training collar connected to a leash : The design of a training collar is not to be used while attached to a leash. It could snap and cause injury to your dog.
  • Combine training with positive reinforcement : Reward your dog with toys and treats when it behaves correctly at any point.


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How to Fit a Training Collar Around a Dog’s Neck Comfortably?

The collar should sit comfortably on your dog’s neck, not too tight or loose. You should be able to insert two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. It is the best way to find the perfect fit. Anything too tight or too loose is not correct.

It is why you need to buy an adjustable collar to fit it around your dog’s neck easily.

Check out iPetGuides If you have no idea on how to get that perfect training collar for your tiny furry friend. There you can find some of the best collars for small dogs on the market and a detailed guide on how to choose one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Training Collars Alright to Use on Small Dogs?

Training collars are okay to be used on small dogs as long as you use them properly. Adjust the collar to fit the dog’s neck and use it at an appropriate intensity level.

At What Age Should I Start Using a Training Collar on a Small Dog?

Your puppy should be at least 6 months of age to start using a training collar.

How Much Should a Dog Weigh Before Using a Training Collar?

A dog with a weight of 5 lbs can also wear a training collar. Each training collar states what weight range it supports. If your dog is 5 lbs, don’t buy a training collar that is recommended for dogs weighing more than 8 lbs.

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Training a small dog using a collar is possible if done correctly. First, you need to make sure that you buy a suitable training collar and use it properly.

Fitting the collar comfortably around your dog’s neck is also vital for the training to be successful.

With these tips in mind, you can easily train your small dog in a short time.

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