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Does My Dog Need a Covid-19 Vaccine?

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You may be asking “does my dog need a coronavirus vaccine?” or wondering “is there a vaccine to protect my dog from the virus?”

Get all your answers here. Learn about coronavirus-related risks and remedies for our four-footed best friends.

Last Updated on: Feb 04, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has brought all our lives to a halt. Thankfully for us, human vaccines have been developed but this raises a question: does my dog need a coronavirus vaccine? Have you been thinking, does my dog need a covid-19 vaccine? Read on to find out.

SARS-CoV-2 was never only a human concern. Scientists have been worried that it will affect pets, livestock, and wildlife too. It’s a concern that became even more valid after an outbreak in minks led to some human infections.

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Can My Dog Get COVID-19?

Yes, dogs and cats have been infected with the virus but the rate of infection is unclear. The virus in pets seems to have no symptoms. Even if there are, they are mild.

The good news is, dogs don’t seem to play a significant role in the transmission of the virus and it is highly unlikely that they can transmit it to us.

Coronavirus symptoms for dogs are mild and they do not appear to be transmissible to humans.

Is Vaccination Necessary For My Dog?

Coronavirus vaccinations for dogs are not necessary at this point. Our pets may eventually need a vaccine since the virus may evolve and be transmitted back to us. However, there is no immediate need to develop or issue a vaccine right now. Let’s get a clearer understanding of the issue.

Vaccination may become necessary in future, but not at the moment.

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Why Is the USDA Not Granting Vaccines for Pets?

At the moment, the virus does not appear to be transmissible by cats or dogs. Hence, there doesn’t appear to be an urgent need to vaccinate pets.

So if you’re still wondering that does my dog need a covid-19 vaccine, the answer for the moment is no.

The US Department of Agriculture is not granting approvals because at this time pet vaccines have no value. Though the virus has affected cats, dogs, minks, tigers, and gorillas, only minks have been known to transmit the virus back to humans. Reports of pets getting infected with the virus are also rare.

However, it’s impossible to know how the situation may change in the future.

Why Will a Vaccine Be Necessary Moving Ahead?

The virus in animals may spread and develop animal-specific strains. These strains may eventually find their way back to us and spark another outbreak.

Mutant virus strains can develop, jump back and forth, and spread back to humans. We need to prepare for this.

If this happens, a vaccine for domestic animals will become necessary to curb the spread of the infection.

Are Vaccines Currently Being Developed?

After the completion of coronavirus vaccines for humans, the groundwork has been laid down. The development of vaccines for animals will be relatively faster and easier. Currently, there are ongoing efforts to develop and release animal coronavirus vaccines. 

  • Russia has developed a vaccine for animals like minks and household pets like cats. They are close to completing clinical trials.
  • Zoetis, a US pharmaceutical company, is also working on a vaccine for minks and pets.


It’s expected that translating the human vaccine into variants for different species will be comparatively less complicated.

dog getting an injection

The simple answer to the question does my dog need a covid-19 vaccine is that it doesn’t. Even if various species have been known to get infected, it hasn’t been proven that pets play a significant role in transmitting the virus to humans.

Dogs haven’t been known to transmit the virus to us and so the need for their vaccination seems null at this point.

However, as the world watches and sees how the virus evolves and develops, the threat of a mutated virus spreading among animals remains. Vaccines are very important.

In response to this potential risk, vaccines for animals are being developed and should soon be on their way.


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