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When Do Beagles Shed?


Beagles are naturally known to be scent hounds. They are fun and friendly, and they make great family companions. If you are considering adopting or getting a beagle as your pet, how prepared should you be?

One of the things to consider is shedding patterns. Some dogs shed a lot, while others hardly shed at all. When do Beagles shed?

Let us demystify the myths from facts. 

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Do Beagles Shed? 

Yes. Like many other dog breeds, beagles shed. Shedding is a natural process whereby the dog’s body gets rid of its old fur and new fur grows in its place.

Beagles are moderate-shedding dogs. While they shed more during the spring season, the shedding for the rest of the year is average. 

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Why Do Beagles Shed? 

Initially bred for hunting in the English countryside, beagles had to adapt to the extremely cold weather. As a result, beagles have double coats. This is one of the reasons why they often shed more than other dogs of the same size.

Dense Coat

Hunting dogs are accustomed to forests where there are thistles, bushes, shrubs, thorns, and all kinds of unfriendly terrain. This made them develop a thick layer of fur over time. 

While a dense coat is great for warmth during extreme weather conditions and homes with lots of open spaces, it can be a problem if you’re in an apartment. Beagles may have short coats, but don’t get fooled. They shed a lot of fur.

Why do beagles shed so much?

Double Coat

A double coat is simply two layers of fur. The inside coat is soft and wooly and provides insulation, and it’s also very useful in keeping beagles warm. The outer coat offers beagles external protection from dirt and external damage. Beagles usually shed more because of their double coat.

Bred for Cold Climates

Beagles are scent hounds originally from England. Temperatures drop to as low as zero degrees celsius during winter in Great Britain. This is why they needed coats that could withstand cold weather. As a result, beagles have double coats.

A beagle’s coat regulates the temperature by trapping warmth inside, and when they’re out in the cold, the coat acts as an insulator. 

Preparation for Seasons 

Shedding is not just a process. It is important because it prepares the dog for the upcoming seasons. This is probably the most vital reason why beagles shed. 

When Do Beagles Shed Most? 

Beagles shed moderately. However, they tend to shed more during spring and fall. This is when they get rid of their winter and summer coats respectively.

This process is termed as ‘coat blow’. Coat blowing occurs when the dog’s shedding cycle increases before the onset of the season. This cycle prepares the beagle’s coat to adapt to the harshness of the cold or get rid of the excess fur when it becomes hot.

All beagles don’t shed in the same manner. Some beagles shed moderately, while others can shed more. Your dog’s health status and other factors affect the way it sheds. 

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How To Manage Your Beagles Shedding?

Shedding is inevitable. As a beagle owner, you may want to know how you can manage the shedding and keep it under check. Here are some of the ways to do this.

Limit Baths

Limit baths to once a month. Bathing your beagle regularly could get rid of the healthy oils present on your dog’s coat. These oils are important for their coat. As long as you brush its coat regularly, there is no need to bathe your beagle frequently.  

Choose Natural Shampoos

Shampoos can be harsh on your beagle’s skin especially if it has underlying skin conditions. There are many natural shampoos available in the market which you can choose from. 

Healthy Diet

Your beagle’s diet, can, to a large extent, affect how it sheds. Feeding your beagle nutritious balanced foods result in a shiny and healthy coat. However, an unbalanced diet can lead to excessive shedding. 

It’s ideal to feed your beagle quality kibble, fish, egg products, fish oils, and all other foods that contain omega fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. Other kinds of food that are good for it are seeds, nuts, sunflower oils, and certain fruits and vegetables. 

These foods are not only healthy for your pet’s skin and wellbeing, but also for its coat.

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing is one of the most manageable ways to control shedding. The loose and excess fur collects on the brush and this reduces the shedding in your home.

Brushing also invigorates the blood flow in your dog’s skin and distributes its natural oils around the coat. 

Brushing should usually be done for fifteen minutes. Your beagle won’t put up a fight because it loves and enjoys brushing. It is recommended to brush your beagle’s coat at least three times a week.

During the shedding seasons, you need to brush daily. 

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For some beagles, a regular diet is not enough to provide sufficient vitamins and fatty acids. Therefore, you need to try other ways to ensure that it still gets them. 

In such cases, supplements are a viable solution. Supplements contain all ingredients necessary for your pet and fit into a pill or some sweet oil, so it won’t be as hard to feed it to your beagle. 

Dogs with short fur don’t need a lot of attention. Some basic care and regular brushing should be enough to keep shedding under control. So while beagles are moderate shedders, a regular routine can go a long way in keeping your home fur free.

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