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Why Do Beagles Bark So Much?


If you’ve ever owned a Beagle or known someone who has one, you’d know Beagles are vocal dogs. Goofy and adorable as they are, Beagles love voicing their concerns, needs, and opinions. But their barking can get quite overwhelming if not managed appropriately. So, why do Beagles bark so much? 

Because it is instinctive of the breed to vocally express themselves. Originally bred for hunting purposes, Beagles are expressive hounds that bark, bay, and howl depending on their needs. 

Let’s explore some of the top reasons why Beagles bark so much: 

beagle playing with the owner

They Want Attention

If you ever catch your Beagle baying, know that it wants your attention in a heartbeat. Baying is typical to the breed. They make no qualms in communicating their need for attention by baying at the top of their voice.

This could be for anything – cuddle, playtime, or walk in the park. They can keep on baying if they’re not fed on time. You could be a minute late, but you’ll get told for it. 

To Warn You of Intruders

Beagles might not have earned themselves repute as guard dogs, but they’re protective of their owners. So your Beagle will go on a barking spree every time someone new enters your house. They are just trying to keep you safe by warning you of any potential danger. Isn’t that adorable? 

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beagle discovering something

They’ve Discovered Something Interesting

Beagles are hunting dogs. It is an innate behavior for them to bark when they smell or see something interesting. So even if it’s a tiny piece of paper under your furniture, they will bark to notify you. They’ll bark to urge the two of you to go inspect it together.

They’re Bored

Beagles need constant mental and physical stimulation. They resort to barking to instigate you to keep them entertained. Whether it’s a bird, a mild thunderbolt, or a leaf falling from the tree, when bored, Beagles can find anything and everything worth barking for.

an image of a sad beagle

They’re Sad

Beagles despise being left alone. So, if you abandon them for more than 6 hours, there are high chances of their separation anxiety kicking in.

They’re in Pain

If your dog suddenly starts wailing without a cause, it could be in pain. It could be an accident, stomach pain, or any invisible physical discomfort.

beagle playing with a ball

They’re Excited

Beagles are extremely affectionate dogs who bark when they’re happy or excited. So if your Beagle barks upon spotting you, it’s a testimony of their love for you.

To Protect Their Pack

Beagles are not the greatest defenders, but they’re protective. They tend to howl to warn their pack of any imminent danger. 

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owner playing with beagle

How To Stop Beagles From Barking Too Much?

Is there any way in which you can stop your Beagle from awakening the spirits of Valhalla? If you have the patience for it, yes! 

  • Don’t pay them immediate attention every time they bark. They take it as a positive sign to continue that behavior in the future.
  • Keep them occupied so that they never get bored. You could buy a tough chew toy that can’t be torn apart easily.
  • Provide them enough physical and mental exercise so that they get too exhausted to keep barking.
  • Do not yell at your dog when it starts to bark. Beagles do not react well to heavy punishment.
  • Avoid leaving your Beagle unattended and alone for long. If you must, make sure to leave the tv or radio on when you go outside.
an image of a beagle barking

Next time you ponder why do beagles bark so much, go to the checklist and figure out what’s going on in your pooch’s mind. Try and prevent the triggers whenever possible. However, if you feel your Beagle’s barking problem is uncontrollable, consult a vet.

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