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Why Train Your Dog?

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Training your dog teaches it important survival skills, social skills, and good dog behavior.

It also improves your dog’s confidence levels and mood and reduces stress-related behaviors.

Last Updated on: Feb 09, 2022

Bringing home a new pet and caring for it is one of the greatest joys that a pet lover can experience. But equally important for your happiness and that of your dog is to train it from day one.

We don’t want to dampen your pet’s joy or yours or sound like party poopers, but dog training is an essential aspect of caring for a pet. Dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages can benefit from training.

Why train your dog?

Let us tell you the 4 reasons that you need to train your dog below.

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Teaches Appropriate Dog Behavior

What you may think is bad behavior is actually a dog’s natural behavior. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up dog behavior problems at all times.

“Dog training is a never-ending process of evolving.” ~ Ivan Balabanov

For example, if your dog digs a lot or chews on your shoes and clothes, dog training can teach it how to harness its skills better. It can teach your dog that it’s wrong to chew on your things, but it’s okay to chew on its toys.

Training can also help your dog to adjust to its new home and not be afraid of the sights, sounds, and smells of its social environment.

Remember that consistency is key when you’re training your dog.

Provides Mental Stimulation

Just as we human beings need mental stimulation to keep our brains active, our dogs need to train their minds.

On days that a dog can’t get its physical exercise due to bad weather or an injury, mental stimulation exercises can keep it in a better mood and also give it something to do at home.

Improves Confidence and Mood

Why train your dog? Regular training in the form of positive reinforcement can improve a dog’s performance on cognitive tasks and create a sense of accomplishment in them.

Reward-based positive reinforcement in the form of praise, food, and toys can also make dogs more confident and happier. It can also help them enjoy lower levels of anxiety and stress.

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Improves Skills

If you’re wondering, “Is it worth getting your dog trained?”, remember this.

When you train a dog, you’re teaching it essential life skills and survival skills.

Training helps your dog become more sociable with other dogs and human beings and more responsive to your voice commands.

This is desirable especially on walks to prevent your dog from running towards other dogs or after moving vehicles. It also helps your dog behave well when it’s not on a leash and restrains it from attacking others.

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Why train your dog? Training your dog vastly improves its quality of life and keeps it happy and safe. Training also helps you and your dog bond better.

The benefits of training puppies are higher as they learn skills quicker than adult dogs. However, dogs of all ages can benefit from training. So it’s never too late to start.


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