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The Upper Pawside (TUP) was founded by a dog parent for dog parents. We are passionate about dogs and aim to put together all information a pet owner would need under one woof!

Have something insightful to contribute to pawrents? TUP gives you the opportunity and platform to voice your thoughts, recommendations—anything canine-related!

Why Choose Us? 

Our blog reaches over 30,000 new readers every month! This, combined with our newsletter subscribers and social media following, gives you the limelight, platform, and readership you deserve.

We give you the opportunity to showcase what you know and promote your blog—a win-win if you ask us! As a guest writer, you also get a chance to promote your content.

What We Cover 

  • Blogs related to Dog Breeds, Health, Training, & Nutrition.
  • Information on Dog Breeders, Shelters, Grooming Services, & Trainers.
  • Coverage of the Latest Canine News / Events.

What We Don’t Cover 

  • Animal Cruelty
  • Controversial subjects
  • Topics unrelated to pets

TUP’s Editorial Policy 

  • Guest writers are allowed one citation per guest post.
  • Additional references must be relevant to the canine industry.
  • We encourage all guest writers to maintain 750-1500 words per article.
  • All articles must have a conversational tone and avoid the usage of passive voice as much as possible.
  • All topics written by guest writers must be new and unique.
  • Plagiarized content or topics already covered on TUP will not be approved.
  • We reserve the right to edit / make changes as we deem fit. This includes fact-checking information, removing irrelevant citations, and selecting pictures for the blog.

How Pet Bloggers Search and Find Us to Write for Us

  • “Dog” + “Write For Us”
  • Dog Breeds “Write For Us”
  • Dog Blog Write For Us
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  • "dog training tips" + write for us
  • "canine nutrition" + write for us

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