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Top 5 Trustworthy Yorkie Breeders in Delaware

At A Glance

Owning a Yorkie means dedicating time, attention, and affection to its care. These tiny dogs are intelligent and packed with energy so they have high physical and mental stimulation needs. Yorkies from responsible breeders are much better at adjusting to living with humans and more resistant to diseases.

  • Choose a breeder that uses ethical breeding methods, especially if you’re getting a Yorie with a rare, exotic color.
  • Make sure your Yorkie experiences early socialization when they’re at the breeder's.

Last Updated on: Oct 11, 2023

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Active, expressive, and intelligent, Yorkies bring color and adventure to your life. These tiny but mighty dogs make the best companions for families and are great with children too. They’re social, playful, adaptive, quirky, and have a protective nature. After all, they’re not one of the most popular dog breeds for nothing!

But if you’re planning on bringing a Yorkshire terrier home, you want to look for a reliable breeder. A reliable breeder will ensure your pup gets all the health benefits of its breed along with protection against health risks. Good breeders can also make the adoption process a lot easier by providing you with advice and timely responses.

If you’re looking for Yorkie breeders in Delaware, we’ve got 5 recommendations for you!

Featured Breeder

Amore’ Exotic Yorkies

  • Natural Rearing Breeder
  • Rare, Exotic Colored Yorkies
  • Genetic Health Tests

Located in Laurel, Delaware, Amore’ Exotic Yorkies is a home breeder of rare and exotic-colored Yorkies. The owner of Amore’ Exotic Yorkies is Angel Ann Messick who’s been breeding and showing Yorkies and Biewers since 1999. With Amore’ Exotic Yorkies, Messick focuses on ensuring a safe practice when breeding Yorkies of different colors.

midwoofery logoMidwoofery – Canine Fertility & Timing Course

gybr logoGlobal Yorkie Biewer Registry

One of their priorities is conducting a genetic health test on every dog before breeding to ensure your pup is born healthy. The Yorkies also receive early neurological stimulation (ENS) from the day they are born to improve their overall health and build a resistance against diseases. In addition, all pups undergo piddle pad training.

Messick is one of the few Yorkie breeders in the state of Delaware who prioritizes natural rearing to care for your Yorkies as naturally as possible. However, they’re a small home breeder so they generally have a long wait time. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about upcoming litters.

amore' exotic yorkies - angel

Angel Messick

I am a Naturally Rearing Breeder of Exotic Colored Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers). All of my dogs are health and color tested BEFORE a potential breeding is even considered. I will NEVER breed a dog that is not GENETICALLY CLEAR AND STRUCTURALLY AND MENTALLY SOUND. I have tons of reviews from very happy families that have added an Amore’ Exotic Yorkie to their family. My dogs are my babies and they are treated like royalty, fed a species appropriate raw food diet and treated with Holistic and Homeopathic modalities when needed.

My babies are socialized from the time they are born, are introduced to many surfaces, sounds, people, other dogs and are 90-99% piddle pad trained and sleeping through the night when they leave for their furever homes. Every puppy leaves with a nice puppy care package to help them adjust to their new home, microchipped, piddle pad trained, registration paperwork, my health guarantee and much more.

Bayside Yorkies

Located in Millsboro, Bayside Yorkies is a toy and teacup Yorkiepoo breeder in Delaware. The owner and operator of Bayside Yorkies is Barbara Zadorzany, who’s an experienced dog breeder with years of experience under her belt.

They’re a small home breeder that only breeds Yorkshire Terriers from quality bloodlines. Their Yorkies are also constantly health-checked to ensure the litter is healthy. They raise their puppies in a loving home environment to help them develop healthy temperaments.

If you’re interested in their toy and teacup Yorkies, make sure to check out their website for available pups.

Website | Contact

Address: Carlisle Dr. Millsboro


yorkie breeders in state of delaware - yorkiesbylindsay

A small home breeder of Yorkies and Shorkies (a cross between Shih Tzu and Yorkies), yorkiesbylindsay takes a loving approach to breeding and raising pups. The owners and operators, Anthony and Deborah Lindsay, breed Yorkies in their own home so that they can give them all their attention.

They own three Yorkie females and two Yorkie males for their breeding program. Their adult Yorkies are hypoallergenic and shed very minimally. They live in a social environment where they get ample exposure to other humans, children, and dogs.

They keep owners updated about their puppies before pickup through regular photos and videos. What’s more, you can also request a video call with your Yorkie pup before pickup. Upon pickup, they provide owners with a puppy pack which includes some toys for their pup and information about their Yorkies’ diet along with other resources about caring for their dogs.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: West Harvest Lane, Middletown

The Happy Woofer

Situated on 25 acres of farmland, the owners and operators of the Happy Woofer are Mike and Diane Sponaugle. Together, they have over 60 years of experience in the pet industry and specially chose their dams and sires to ensure your pups are as healthy as possible.

The Happy Woofer gives your pup and its parents lots of open space to play along with a state-of-the-art facility to stay clean and healthy. Not only do they breed a variety of dogs, but they also take care of goats, chickens, cows, ponies, ducks, and other animals on their farm.

If you’re interested in their upcoming litters, send them an email inquiry with your contact details. They’ve recently downsized their facility, but continue to breed a small number of pups every year. While they make sure that their yorkies are in the best of health, they do not provide any guarantee for the size, weight, or other characteristics of the adult dog.

They include plenty of testimonials on their website, so take a look at them before sending an email.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Flat Iron Road, Harrington

G&G Yorkies

cute adult yorkie

G&G Yorkies is your go-to Yorkie breeder in Delaware if you’re looking for Yorkies, Yorkshire Terriers, and Yorkie Parti puppies. They are a small home breeder with a passion for dogs and raise their Yorkies in a loving home environment. They ensure your pups get early socialization and are well-adjusted to living with humans before they arrive at your home.

Since they are a small breeder, G&G Yorkies do not have a large litter, which means a longer wait time for you. However, they do offer Yorkies in a wide variety of colors.

Facebook | Email ID | Contact

Address: Greenwood

Every pet owner wants their pup to be healthy and happy. And Yorkies, like any other breed, are prone to diseases and health conditions. A good breeder can help ensure your pup gets the best health benefits from its parents. They also provide basic training and socialization so they can make the adjustment to their new homes more easily.

With this list of reliable Yorkie Breeders in Delaware, you’re sure to find the Yorkie puppy you’re looking for. All that’s left is to pick a breeder and get your home ready to welcome its newest family member!



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