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Get Your Hands On Yorkie Poos From Some Of The Best Breeders In Florida

At A Glance

If you live in Florida and want to bring home a healthy and active Yorkie Poo pup, there are many breeders in Florida who can help you out. Some of the top breeders include Sunshine State Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Florida, The Yorkie Shack, Yorkie Babies, Micheline’s Pups, and Florida Furbabies.

A good breeder will always be willing to share information about their dogs and breeding practices. They will:

  • Be transparent about the health clearances of their dogs
  • Offer information about dog lineage and breeding practices

Last Updated on: Jun 07, 2023


The Yorkie Poo is one of the most popular canine breeds in the country and for good reason. This hybrid of a Yorkshire terrier and Miniature/Toy poodle is loyal, fun-loving, spunky, outgoing, cuddly, intelligent, and easy to train. It is also hypoallergenic and does not shed much.

What’s not to love? Moreover, because of their size, they are perfect for apartments and huge houses alike! While there are plenty of breeders in Florida, only a few specialize in Yorkie Poos. Here they are.

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The Yorkie Shack

the yorkie shack - yorkie poo breeder near jacksonville

Looking for Yorkie Poo puppies for sale in Florida? Look no further than the Yorkie Shack, a family-run dog breeding program. They sell only the finest puppies here, as they work with reliable and experienced breeders.

Since most pups are not fully vaccinated, the breeders do not allow their puppies to be handled or picked out in person. They make extensive efforts to reduce exposure so that the puppies are healthy and safe.

When you buy a puppy from the Yorkie Shack, you get a Florida health certificate and a puppy gift bag with food, treats, toys, puppy pads, and more. Moreover, your pup will be vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and potty-trained.

The best part? The establishment offers handy tips and advice to ease the transition for you and your new pup.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Jacksonville, Florida 32202


Yorkie Babies

This breeder is famous for its collection of teacup and toy-sized Yorkie Poo puppies. Besides that, you can also find Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, and Shih Tzu puppies.

Their website shares the puppies’ details available for sale, including their parental history, breed, and puppy growth chart.

Additionally, all of the puppies undergo potty training, which eases your new pet’s transition period. They also offer puppy nanny services and financing options. Moreover, they operate nationwide, so you can buy a furry friend from them even if you don’t live in Florida.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Coral Springs, Florida 33076

Micheline’s Pups

michelines pups - yorkie poo breeder near ocala

If you’re looking for well-bred and AKC-registered Yorkie Poo puppies in the Sunshine State, Micheline’s Pups is a great option. Micheline Clawson, a local home-based breeder and owner, offers vet certificates, health guarantees, and age-appropriate vaccination shots for all her pups.

She also prioritizes her puppies’ health, temperament, and training to help pet owners get the best pup. With an experience of over 30 years, Michelin hand-picks the personalities of pet owners with puppies to ensure all potential owners find pups that will suit their lifestyle.

Moreover, your pup will be potty-trained and a pro at basic commands. You also get a free puppy training course and a comprehensive onboarding session.

Facebook | Email ID | Contact

Address: Ocala, Florida 34482

Florida Furbabies

Run by dog enthusiasts Joseph and Crystal Neuman, Florida Furbabies is highly recommended for Yorkie Poo puppies.

Their puppies come with a comprehensive 10-year health guarantee that covers all genetic and congenital diseases. The pups also receive socialization training from certified trainers, regular vaccinations, and deworming. All pups undergo a nose-to-tail inspection by an on-site vet before leaving their new homes.

Florida Furbabies also has a dedicated on-site support team to provide 24/7 customer service, which helps new owners and puppies settle down smoothly.

Florida Furbabies maintain close relationships with their network of breeders and ensure regular quality checks. They partner only with socially responsible and environment-friendly breeders and make sure their breeding practices conform to national and state breeding standards.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Punta Gorda, Florida 33983

Yorkie Poos are cute designer dogs that make adorable pets. If you’re planning to get one, do your due diligence and research your breeders well to avoid supporting puppy mills and unethical breeders. This will help you bring home a healthy, happy, active, and well-bred Yorkie Poo that will be a delightful addition to your family. Remember, raising a dog is no easy feat and will have its challenges, so always seek help when you need it.




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